Main Image 4 reasons why 2014 is a great year to be a smartphone user

May 5, 2014 by Omar Sohail

According to IDC research, more than 1 billion smartphones were sold in the year 2013, marking a slow yet a certain trend that smartphones are gradually taking the world by storm. There are several perks of owning a smartphone namely their affordability, functionality, productivity and connectivity which is exactly the reason why we believe that it is time to become a smartphone user.

Main Image My Travel Guide for Hong Kong Business Goers

May 2, 2014 by Omar Sohail

I was appointed by my company among 5 other subordinates of mine as their representatives in the form of a Pakistani delegation to Hong Kong. It was a new and exciting experience for me as it was for others. With the thrills and chills we had in the beginning, the challenges were highly overwhelming but totally worth all the effort. My colleagues were quite confused at times due to the language barrier and language unknown to....

Main Image Celebrate the spirit of Labor Day with respect from Yello!

April 30, 2014 by Sundas Asif

The celebration of Labor Day is very significant for the realization of the interest of this class. In many countries it is celebrated in different ways but in some parts of the world, the working class does not realize the importance of its celebration because they are so busy in striving hard for their work. It is very important to celebrate it by connecting to peers and family because the global community needs the participation of every individual for its development.

Main Image Top 10 International Call Providers with Cheap Calling Rates

April 30, 2014 by Nida Khawaja

There are tons of calling card providers along with the smartphone app providers who have thousand claims of providing the most competitive rates with diverse features. I was lost for quite some time in this fish market of self-proclaimed leaders of calling applications before I researched into this myself and discovered the top 10 list of call providers with the most challenging rates along with some great services and features.

Main Image 5 features smartphone manufacturers always forget in every release

April 29, 2014 by Omar Sohail

With over 1.4 billion smartphones in the world in 2013, smartphone manufacturers are constantly allocating large sums of money into their research and development departments in order to create dynamic smartphones that will not only allow fluent multi-tasking of the device, but the built-in innovative features such as finger print and health scanners will appeal to the masses as well

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