Main Image Five reasons why Galaxy S5 should be your next purchase

April 21, 2014 by Omar Sohail

One of the highly anticipated smartphone of 2014; the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a bundle of features that will make the smartphone experience for the user flexible, fast and enjoyable. Here are five reasons why should go for the Galaxy S5 experience.

Main Image Have an Eggtastic Easter with Yello!

April 18, 2014 by Soha Naveed

If you’re one of those fellows who terribly miss their families at Easter time, I have the perfect Easter gift for you. The gift is a free deal which will bring you close to your family on not only Easter, but other important events of your life as well. Yello – the internet calling app for making international calls to your loved ones is here to save your money while conveying your emotions to your loved ones on this Easter day.

Main Image The Vision behind Facebook acquiring a free texting app for $19 billions

April 17, 2014 by Sundas Asif

Connecting with the people globally and that too free of cost is the stepping stone to development in communication industry. The trend of free communication started almost a decade when Orkut was launched. However, due to immense privacy violations of users’ accounts it lost its credibility which resulted in its decline. Facebook rose as the leading giants of social networking world and it has successfully retained its status quo till date.

Main Image 3 ways of running a Successful Home Business without Losing Overseas Clientele

April 16, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Organizing and running a small scale business from home is getting easier day by day. I believe that once in a lifetime, each one of us must experience the pleasure of setting up a home-based business with a very effective global perspective in mind. It is important to consider local and international markets in terms of a successful business from a global perspective.

Main Image Better Wireless Connectivity: Reason Apple is charging $100 extra for iPhone 6

April 15, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Are you one of those mobile geeks who find the most cost-effective phones after thoroughly checking its functionality? Here's a reason why iPhone 6 is a brilliant purchase.

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