Main Image 4 reasons why using VoIP apps will increase overall business productivity

November 26, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Fast speed internet has become an omnipresent entity, with service providers being able to provide household and business owners a chance to enjoy high speed internet access at their premises. In addition to being fast, reliable and most importantly, cheap, the age of connectivity has given rise to a number of mobile internet standards that are slowly coming at par with speeds of cable internet. This sudden influx of bandwidth has allowed users to take advantage of VoIP apps, for both casual and business productivity purposes. Tilting our heads to the business side of things, here are some reasons why using VoIP apps will be able to increase overall business productivity.

Main Image 4 Compulsory Apps for People Living in Foreign Country

November 24, 2014 by Soha Naveed

At times living away in a foreign country can be a painful journey, especially when the country is new to you. Before you land in a new country, you must have all the needed information and requirements. Apart from legal wants like a passport or insurance, you need to have things as well that will help you live at ease in a new country. Perhaps you are wondering to try that new restaurant nearby because of the dish your picture just posted on Instagram. Maybe you wish to attend the launch of your favorite artist’s gallery opening near your city.

Main Image 5 Things to Always Keep in Mind When Travelling to Yemen for Business

November 21, 2014 by Soha Naveed

The country shares its borders with the Red Sea from the west end and with Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea to the south border. Oman lies on the northeast end of the country and the leftover land shares the border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In terms of religion, Yemen is an Islamic country which follows strict religion guidelines and culture. They strictly observe the teaching of all the Muslims as a custom of Middle Eastern country. This, by no means indicates that they do not create a welcoming environment for other religion preachers – they welcome the travelers from all around the world, throughout the year.

Main Image 3 features that need to be added to VoIP apps to kill old school calls and texts

November 19, 2014 by Omar Sohail

With nearly 1.75 billion smartphone users to be registered by the end of 2014, the global populace is slowly making its transition towards mobile computing. While mobile computing performance present in mobile operating systems is definitely a perk to have, it contributes little to how popular smartphones have become over a small course of time. The primary reason why mobile devices have become so popular is because of the free and paid apps present on app stores. Specifically, VoIP apps like Skype, Viber and Yello have enabled users to put traditional calling and messaging as their secondary source of calling.

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