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Happy - Yappy Christmas from Yello!

December 24, 2013 by Catherine Smith

Here at Yello we want to wish all our users a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY, YAPPY New Year!

Please read on as we would like to introduce ourselves properly and explain what our products do, how they can help you and why you should be first in the queue for a Yello account this Christmas.

Hello from Yello!

Hello! Our mission at Yello is to make international calling and texting easier, smarter, quicker and cheaper whether you are in the UK, the USA, Asia or even French Polynesia.

Dedicated to revolutionising calling, texting, video messaging and photo messaging, we wake up in the morning to make your life as an international caller easier. We have worked our little fingers to the bone to bring you apps and international calling solutions that are hi-tech, cheap and easy to use.

Destination: anywhere

With Yello your call destination can be anywhere. All you need to have a Smartphone to use Yello App on WiFi or Local Access Number to make cheap international calls

Free Calls, Free Texts

With our nifty dialler app you can even make free calls and send free texts to other Yello users. Download Yello App in seconds on your Android, Apple and Blackberry.

We are busy working on a dialler that can be downloaded on your Personal Computers too.

Calling and talking made cheaper: Get the Yello app today

We have done our sums, crunched our numbers and we are here to tell you that we are as much as 98% cheaper than other VoIP providers so get chatting through Yello today with our cool and cheap call rates!

Browse our handy country guide to see just how cheap it is to call or text any destination you desire. We have even selected some top destinations for you to check out.

Video calls and photo messaging

With Yello App you can make free video calls and send photo message until your heart is content.

Create your own account

As a Yello customer you will be invited to set up your own personal account which you can log into from anywhere in the world and even from your Smartphone too. Use your account to make secure payments and organise your international calling to a T. Registration is free and it is all you need to do

Download CTA

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