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How Santa Claus found inexpensive solution to connect on holidays?

December 24, 2013 by Arslan Yaqub

Life these days is so busy, even Santa Claus would have to make an appointment to meet us even for dinner, these holidays. The hectic working hours and the stresses of everyday life makes it impossible for us to spend quality time with family even when we are living under the same roof. The Holiday is that time of the year when everyone’s off time coincides and families spend quality time with eachother. Afterall, what is a Christmas dinner without the laughing and happy faces of your beloved parents, children and siblings? Especially, when everyone is waiting for the Santa Claus and gifts from him. Don’t’ you think Santa Claus will also be facing problems connecting people around the world? Let’s ask Santa how he would find an inexpensive solution to connect this festive season. Last night, Yello got a chance to have a conversation with Santa Claus.Let’s see what they talked about.

Yello: Hey Santa, why are you looking so sad on this Christmas?
Santa: I am missing my friends and family; you know I have to travel across the world for changing the day into a very happy Christmas for everyone. You know I travel around the World and while staying in different countries it becomes costly to make calls while you have to buy gifts for the families throughout the world. I have searched a lot but couldn’t find a mediumwhich offers quality and cheap call rates all together. I want to make my friends happy by even just making a call to them, especially the ones who don’t have anyone around them to make them merry this Christmas. This will make my families, around the world, happier and it will be a great gift for them.

Santa: Is there a way to connect with my friends and Family making a cheap call while I have to buy gifts, too?
Yello: Yes Santa! There is a way, wait; I must say at Yello, we offer a very qualitative and inexpensive way to connect with your friends and family around the world. Connecting cheaply will save you money to buy gifts for them. Check out the best cheap call rates which we are offering. It will make your Christmas more fun and affordable like it was never before.

Santa: Wow! That’s great, very cheap and a good quality at the same time. But I want to make conference calls and sometimes I would like to have a video chat to make children happy while I am traveling.
Yello: That’s not a big problem, indeed. Like you, Santa, most of the people have smart phones nowadays like iPhone, android phone and Blackberry; you can have a free conference call or even a free video call with them through Yello. You don’t normally find free and at the same time quality conference calls and video calls in one package. We have resolved this problem at Yello for a better and fast bonding between people. Make a conference or even a video call confidently.

Santa:Ho! Ho! Ho! Yello, you are great, you have solved every problem I had about International call rates. You offer very cheap rates for calling international destinations that will make every one laugh like me. Even you offer quality conference calls, video calls and call forwarding inexpensively. All this really put my search to an end.
Yello: Thank you Santa, we are here for you and for people around the world. We believe inour relationships that are built on trust and understanding of
what everyone really seeks. Yello is not only about connecting but it is about bonding with loved ones or even for the ones who lost their relationships on
this Christmas.

Santa: Wait, but where should I get started, to avail all of your offers so I can make this Christmas a more fun, remarkable and a memorable affair till the
next year?
Yello: Register on our website or download the App from App store for iPhone and iPad, Google Play for Android phones, Blackberry App World for Blackberry. Once you are registered you can browse the site for the product and service related information.

Yello: Santa do you know one thing?
Santa: what is it?

Yello: We are giving away free credit on this Christmas, especially to let people connect with their loved ones on this auspicious occasion.This will help make their Christmas so delightful, full of energy while talking to loved ones. Share your videos, pictures, recipes and whatever you like for free. 

Santa: Thanks a lot Yello and Merry Christmas. 

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