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4 Amazing facts about cheap international calls that no one tells you

December 26, 2013 by Ammar Zaheer

Many of us believe international calls to be a problem that has no solutions. These calls are a requirement for people who have friends and families living abroad and they have come to terms with the budget disrupting calling rates and quality issues. However the truth is that International calls don’t have to be that big a deal and here are some amazing facts you need to know about cheap international calls.


1. Cheap international calls are possible

Not very long ago, you couldn’t possibly use the word cheap and international calls in the same go. International calls were a luxury that not many people could afford. There was a time when letters and then emails were the normal mode of communication. Do you remember the wait for those long emails your loved ones used to send? With 80 % of the world population living below $10 according to global poverty facts, it is impossible for people to make those expensive calls. However, long gone are the days of unaffordable international calling and you can now make cheap International calls without disrupting your monthly budget!


2. Low price and quality are not at opposite poles

Many people still believe that international calls cannot be cheap if it’s of high quality. And that’s where people are being misled! Of course you don’t want to waste your good money on some cheap call if you cannot even properly hear what the other person is saying. But the good news is that it is now possible to make cheap and have amazing voice quality. In fact there are international vendors out there that allow you a test run of the product and provide you with free start up balance so you know for sure that you will get your money’s worth.


3. Amazing connectivity and crystal clear voice is possible

Many a times, a lot of background noise disrupts the conversation and you have no idea what the other person is saying. Sometimes the only solution to this noise is that you simply hang up. Same is the case when your calls get disconnected repeatedly. People simply assume that these things happen with international call but that does not have to be. It is quite possible to make international calls where there are no line disruptions and the voice quality is very clear.


4. Keep a track of your international call’s billing

Many international call vendors claim to offer inexpensive call rates but deduct balance in the name of service charges. There is no way to check how the balance is being used up and the calling companies have free reign of how they deduct the balance. You expect to have enough credit to make another call but just get a message saying that the balance is insufficient for the call I wish to make. However it is quite possible to find vendors that offer invisible billing where you can keep track of every penny you spend.

Admittedly it is difficult in this economic climate to find out ways of making those inexpensive calls to different locations in the world. It is merely the lack of proper research on the part of the users that causes them to spend extravagant and needlessly high amounts of money on international calls. A little effort on your part can help you get the best value for your money along with a qualitative connectivity experience with your friends and loved ones.

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