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Why you must avoid calling cards over cheap online call rate provider

December 27, 2013 by Waqas Nasir

International calling cards are used by millions of people around the globe. But since the advent of VoIP based calling they have lost appeal. VoIP calling certainly provides a much better experience especially for making international calls. VoIP calling technology has made calling cards obsolete an outdated technology. Here are some reasons why you must use online call rate services or cheap international calls provider over calling cards and why you must avoid calling cards and use online call providers.

Cost of International call

Online call services such as Myyello are much cheaper than calling cards. When using online call service providers a customer only pays the rate published on the website. But in case of calling cards most of the time customer end up paying a higher price in the form of hidden charges and connectivity fees about which they are not informed in advance. Due to this practice, OfCom (British Independent Regulator and Competition Authority for communication industries) has launched a probe into the pricing of calling cards.

Poor Customer Service from calling card provider

Most often calling card offer poor customer support. On the other hand, most online call service providers have a much better record when it comes to after sales support. Most often you’ll not need to contact support as most of the information is available on their website.

Connection issues 

Making an international call through a calling card is a hassle and many people frequently complain of dropped calls, charged even when call is not placed. Online call providers doesn’t face these issues due to advanced technology and call quality is superior as compared to calling cards.

Hidden Surcharges

This is another contentious issue faced by many calling card users. Calling card companies often charge surcharge in addition to their said cheap call rates. This is particularly true in case of long distance or international calls. These surcharges can increase the cost significantly. Normally surcharges range from 2-5% but in many cases this can be up to 20-25%. Like other charges this is also a hidden charge about which consumers don’t know and end up paying much more than expected.

These are just some of the main benefits of online call service providers. With the rise of VoIP telephony calling cards are fast losing appeal. People generally find it easier to install a dialer and place a call than going to a retailer and buying a calling card.

The best thing about online call services is that everything related to prices and charges is transparent and you don’t need to pay any hidden charges. In addition to this online call services are much cheaper than calling cards and are a preferred choice among people who need to make international calls on a regular basis.

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