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Studying Abroad? Call home with cheap call rates of Yello

December 30, 2013 by Hamza Kutub

It’s no secret that students all over the world find themselves in a difficult financial situation and are at most of the times short of cash. This is particularly true about students studying abroad. For those who are studying abroad managing cash is a serious problem and most students end up working part time jobs in order to pay for necessities.

Due to this lack of cash, most students are extra cautious when it comes to spending. This results in pressure to spend as little as possible, but off course basic expenses need to be covered irrespective of the financial situation of a student. Keeping in touch with one’s family is also a basic emotional need of human beings and for international students high international call rates act as a barrier when it comes to calling back home.

Most students try to deal with this problem by using calling cards which are easily available in most of the retail shops. But due to shoddy business practices most of the people end up paying hidden charges and other fees which are not mentioned in advance. Calling cards are also associated with poor call quality and dropped calls.

If you are an international student studying abroad and want to call home then try Yello. Yello provides international calling services at inexpensive rates and is certainly a must have app for international calling.

Calling rates of Yello start as low as $0.01 per minute and for most of the countries you will find the rates quite affordable as compared to competitors. Yello is certainly a boon for international students.

You can save a significant amount of money by using Yello. Let’s suppose now you pay $50 for international calling every month, then it’s quite possible to save $30-$40 per month, depending on your call destination. Over a year this can amount to a saving of $400-$500 which is a pretty good amount for students. Even though this will not make you rich overnight, but it can certainly free up much-needed cash and you can plan more outings with your friends.

Yello gives free credit of $0.20 once you download and signup. Once you have used this balance you can top-up your account through PayPal.

Yello is the perfect solution for cash strapped students and the best way to keep in touch with one’s family and friends back home.

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