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5 trouble-free ways to say Happy Christmas this year

December 22, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

It’s the season of celebration across the world – Yes, it is Christmas time again. One of the most charming yet irritating demands of Christmas is to wish everybody in a way that communicates your truest feelings.

And let’s admit it, expressing your joy via words or speech is usually troublesome for most people. So here we have collected five simple ways to say Happy Christmas to everybody;

1. Send a Card:

Christmas card is indeed the simplest way to wish everybody. You could buy readymade cards or create a customized one with a message written by you personally or a special quote chosen by you.

Cost wise, regular Christmas cards would be less expensive as compared to customized cards. And also you might want to start working a bit earlier with customized cards as designing and publishing takes time but you can make an effort because it’s Christmas. You can send the card to everybody – be it your colleagues, friends, relatives, family or acquaintance – and get over with the wishing procedure. However, there are more ideas too.

2. Text Message:

The advent of mobile phone in our lives has made many things a lot easier. Now you can send a text message to wish everybody. It is the cheapest way but there are too many forward messages exchanged on Christmas, which somehow have killed the whole spirit of genuine wishes.

But you could still compose a Christmas text by using emoticons, quotes and personal statement and forward it to your contacts. Here again, this medium can be used to wish everybody but stick with Christmas cards for your elderly relatives as old ways are too dear to them.

3. Phone call:

Phone calls have an extreme personal touch but they can be time consuming and also a bit costly. You should use this medium for really close friends or family only. You don’t need to prepare any message as every call would be unique.

Yes it will take time but you will be immensely satisfied with the outcome. And as for the cost, don’t worry about it, make Yello-to-Yello calls as they are completely free and also you can expect great service from Yello on Christmas day when even the most authentic services falter. Also with Yello, you can call any number for cheapest calling rates.

4. Video message:

If you are up for doing something different this year, why don’t you shoot a small video of yourself wishing Merry Christmas. You can take some inspiration from Litchfield ladies, aka “orange is the new black” cast, who released a video wishing everybody “Merry Christmas”.

This sort of message can be sent to family, friends, relatives and even some of your colleagues. You can send it individually, post it on your social media profiles or send on Yello, Whatsapp, Viber groups.

5. Meet personally:

As much as you like to, you cannot meet everybody on Christmas day but make sure you warmly wish all the people who are there with you on the happy day. Among all the ways, it is the best one as nothing can replace the warmth of physical presence of you dear ones.


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