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Internet texting apps: Smarter way to save your bucks

April 2, 2014 by Soha Naveed

As VoIP continues to benefit our lives, people just can’t seem to get enough of it. Along with many benefits folded in internet texting, the biggest of all is free texts. These apps allow its users to send free messages to other people on their apps. While cellular companies still charge users plenty of money every month, these apps offers free texts all around the world.

Through the connectivity of the internet on your smartphone, you can send texts for free to your friends and family both locally and internationally. Internet free texting app is the best for those individuals who wish to avoid local and international text messages charges imposed by the cellular and telephone providers.

How does it work?

This technology efficiently transfers and transmits voice calls and texts over the internet, without the need of using a cell phone or telephone line package. There are several smartphone internet texting apps that offer this cost-efficient technology for no fees at all. In comparison to the mobile and landline providers, the fee is modest as hardly anything goes out of the pocket. Increasingly, the texts are made useful for customers so that they can create affordable and simple ways of communicating with their loved ones either locally or overseas.

In order to avail free texts, an individual must have a smartphone with Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G accesses and most importantly, an application that allows one to access the SMS transmission of VoIP services. Make sure you have Wi-Fi or 3g connection on your Smartphone as smart phones do not work on the dial-up connection internet. The reason why high speed internet is essential is that you will be able to enjoy an ongoing conversation with a friend without any breakups or black-outs.

No Fee - Save Money

While voice calls are allowed to customers, both local and international, most of the providers charge no fees in terms of SMS transmission. However in this case, it is essential the person with whom you need to make free texts must have the same internet texting app as yours. When the texts messages are sent to the same provider, there would be no charges made on the account.

This allows the user to save their money which can be used to invest in various other things. In particular, when one sends text messages internationally or locally through their app, the other user would quickly receive the text if their internet connection on their smart phone is activated. How simple and easy is that!

There are many internet texting apps that allow the users to contact a bulk of friends on one go. This exactly means group messaging. By forming a group on the app, you can contact a number of your friends who are part of the group on a go. You can share your new stories or images without the need of messaging them separately. The best part of this service is that all the texts made in the group are free with no hidden charges whatsoever!

Enjoy saving much of your green by using VoIP for free international and local texts.

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