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How further can cheap international call rates benefit you?

April 3, 2014 by Soha Naveed

We’ve been taught in our high schools about the time when Graham Bell invented the first telephone decades ago. With the passage of time, the first cellphone came out – thrilling our lives with its green screens as it seemed like the best way to communicate with friends and family, without any need of carrying wires with you. Wireless we thought, wow! Regardless the excitement of using cell phones, we were hugely compromising with our needs by paying a huge amount of green over the expensive calling rates of our carriers. 

The world today as we see in 2014 is a different picture altogether. The brilliance of communication and technology has shaped our lives in the best ways possible. In my eyes, the very smart and savvy smartphones are the leading milestone gifted to us by the technological world. After all, we live amongst the 93% of the global population which are loyal mobile subscribers. In the midst of technology updates, the very cheap way to make internet calls greeted us.

Every person today comes with his own smartphone. Having a smartphone allows its users to gain advantage over multiple benefits. One of them is internet calling. When you have an internet connection on your smartphone at every corner of the street you stand, why not take full advantage of it? This is exactly how people get to reach their loved ones over the distance – using international calling apps.

When speaking of cheap calls, the world “pocket savior” comes to my mind. Ever since I started using internet calling apps on my smartphone, I’ve been able to spend more on other stuff due to the money I save from cellular calling. Interesting, isn’t it? The shell shocking uses of cheap internet calling don’t stop here – there’s much more to it. Here we tell you some benefits about cheap calls rates you can get while making calls through internet.

1. Get 5x Talk time on Less Rates

The one difference that separates normal cellular calling from internet calling apps are the difference between their rates. International calling is not affordable for many and it seems possible only through the internet calling apps that allow you to make audio and video conversations with your friends and family over the distance. They offer much cheaper rates than what a usual call does. This is perhaps the most prominent reason why people have shifted towards these internet based calling apps that are the gateway to the magical internet world.

2. Never Worry about the Location You Want to Reach

If you’re missing your grandma residing in Canada on Easter holiday because you moved for studies to the States, put a rest on your worry as you can easily and cheaply reach her at reasonable rates through internet calling. This is what internet calling brings you; the liberty of calling from any place to anywhere, offering no barriers whatsoever. A smartphone and an internet calling app offering cheap international call rates and you are good to go.

3. Quality will leave you star struck

While making international calls through the internet calling apps, you will witness how well the quality is established in making conversations go smooth. The wrong impression here is that the voice disrupts. This is primarily because of poor internet connectivity from either sides of the calling party. Once you have a smooth and running internet connection, whether it is 3G or WiFi, you will witness the crystal clear voice quality.

Life is easier when you have your old fellows to share your ongoing abroad experiences with. Use the cheap international calling apps to stick closer to the people you love.

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