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My Euro trip: A little Shifty but Perky

April 4, 2014 by Omar Sohail

There is a reason why Europe earns 5.2% of the annual revenues for tourism (UNWTO, 2011). Those who admire history will most definitely be salivating over the legend of Spartacus; the man who changed the landscape of Rome. With a total of 49 countries forming the entire continent, we knew that there will be limitless amount of history, events, culture and let’s not forget the food that you can experience.

However, covering all the aforementioned activities in five countries over a time span of 17 days would be no less than a training day at boot camp. That being said, the Euro trip did have its exhilarating moments, though most of them were at the expense of the physical fatigue during majority of the trip. However, in the pursuit of travelling, some trade – offs are willingly made.

The Vigorous Prior Planning!

Booking Online made things much simpler for me. However, there were a few hidden charges that were not informed to me in copious details by the travelling agencies as in, which transportation methods would’ve been the most cost effective as well as a for a few minor details that they conveniently missed out but aside from that, the trip turned out to be an overwhelming experience. So how exactly did I choose the booking of the hotels?

Simple. I’m a big art buff so I selected and made reservations in the hotels that were in close proximity with the historical sites and monuments. I didn’t want any unnecessary costs like travel fare and tour expenses. I took the risk of making 90% of the trip without booking tours because I was more interested in particularly marveling over the breathtaking structures and artifacts.

Where did I kick-start my journey?

After the stopover at Turkey, I arrived at the Berlin International Airport, Germany in approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes after which I checked in at the Hotel Berlin. I would recommend Hotel Berlin due to certain perks it comes with.

  • It’s situated five minutes away from the Berlin Victory Tower and 25 minutes away from the Reichstag building.
  • Provides free breakfast!
  • There were portable wireless hotspots available that really made the communication through free internet calls extremely easy.
  • Easy sharing of multimedia files were made possible for me because of this facility. 

Berlin Victory Tower

Berlin Victory Tower

Reichstag Building

Reichstag building

Road Leading To The Berlin Victory Tower

Road leading to the Berlin Victory Tower

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall

For people who have a penchant for shopping, their appetite could easily be appeased thanks to the Berlin shopping mall, which also happens to be Europe’s largest shopping wall in existence. Communicating in this vicinity was a breath of fresh air as the entire mall was stocked with free internet calling services to connect with friends and families.

After Berlin?

Now, under normal circumstances, when a traveler is moving to another country; that too within a day, the expedient method of travelling seems to be air travel right? Think again! Now, thanks to Eurorail, I could potentially traverse through the entire continent of Europe at considerable savings (24 countries to be exact).

I personally felt that there were three very obvious benefits to travelling in Eurorail one of which was free Wi-Fi. I had a great time connecting with my family and close friends through those free calls and internet sharing that doubled the pleasures of my trip. Besides, it was cost effective to travel from Eurorail and the seats were so comfortable that I slept like a baby for a while.

The only complaint I had was the 11 hour train ride from Berlin to Vienna, after which I couldn’t step a foot outside but I didn’t waste my time whining about the distance as I was thrilled to plan for my next destination.

The Eurorail Ride

The Eurorail ride

Getting my luggage out, I took a cab to get dropped at Hotel Allegro. The check in time was late, which obviously meant that all the places that had to be visited were closed. However, the trams were still functional, which allowed to properly absorb the surroundings in my head. As for sightseeing, that would have to wait till morning.

I sure do intend to explore and travel worldwide and hope you found it equally thrilling while accompanying me on my exciting journey!

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