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Are you a call freak? Find out the ‘one’ way to make unlimited free calls!

April 8, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Don’t we just love calling our friends for hours and sharing gossips for hours? For most of us, it completes our day. Thanks to our smartphones today, talking for long hours is a wonder. As a smartphone user , ask yourself – what is the biggest benefit your smartphone has given to you so far? I mean a benefit so great that your life has become easier than before. After all, smartphones today act as the Head Quarter of the many activities we perform; from making presentations for classes to talking to our friends and from playing games in the free time to reaching sisters who live abroad. For most of use, we’ve experienced pouring hundreds of dollars on the communication means offered by the cellular companies. I often wonder, is the invested amount of money well spent? Or is it going down the drain?

As a person who’s literally had a heart arrest paying chunks of bills on long calls due to expensive calling packages, internet calling has proven to be my saving grace. I’ve noticed that today’s VoIP apps for the smartphones bring multiple benefits for the users who have the hearts for long calls. For those of you who don’t know, VoIP apps are the latest and most effective way of making free calls through the internet from your Smartphone. With immense improvement and beneficial approaches, it won’t be an exaggeration if I quote that the biggest benefit of smartphones today is the 24/7 availability of internet to make unlimited long hour calls and that too with no excess baggage attached!

1. How Does Free Long Calls Help Someone?

If you look into the matter, there are multiple reasons for an increasing growth in the popularity of VoIP apps. Imagine – you’re bored out of your mind and missing a friend overseas, what best way to kill two birds with one stone than to pick up your phone, make use of the Wi-Fi facility at your place, go to the free mobile app for calling and just hit the button to gossip for long hours. You’re homesick and need a boost but no one is there in your close vicinity to talk to, what do you do? Don’t be befuddled, make the best use of your smartphone and dial up through the mobile app for free internet calls anywhere, anytime. The only facility present in your smartphone is the 3G/4G network. What will you do now? If you had a VoIP app in your smartphone, you wouldn’t sweat in the first place.

1. Free Internet Calling Making Life Easy

What could one possibly wish for when they get ideal communication at perfect rates through their portable device? The best thing about internet calling is that you can use it any way you want. Before you hit the roads, make sure that your smartphone is compatible with internet calling.

2. How to Acquire Free Calling from Smartphones

As I mentioned earlier, VoIP apps and internet calling are extremely cost efficient. Before you step in the world of free internet calling, you need to get an app on your smartphone. From your smartphone’s application market, search for “free internet calling app”. You will find a number of apps listed in the search results. From the list, choose the one you think goes the best for you and your requirements.

3. Long Free Calls are all about Quality

When using the internet calling facility, you get the exact high definition voice clarity as witness in regular calls. Do I hear you saying, “So then what’s the difference”? The difference is the benefit your pocket gets. Why waste money on expensive calls and texts when you can reach the crowd with the same high quality through cheap rates?

As the war between the smartphones continue to reach the peaks, the use of these tech savvy devices it rising rapidly. Therefore, the use of internet calling will never reach its full stop – at least not in the near future. Admit it or not, people love using this facility!

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