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Are you a spend-thrift? 3 Easy Ways to Overcome your Budget Deficit

April 9, 2014 by Soha Naveed

In the world where everything is about money, losing control of your budget is quite easy. We literally have holes in our hands – we just love spending even if something is a necessity or not, we just want it! The major problem is that we often tend to mix “needs” with our “wants” which are pretty much our desires and can be easily ignored. The conditions of the world make us face budget fatigue now and then. You may use credit cards or loans to beat this shortage, but the advantages won’t rain blessings for long. On the contrary, one wonders of finding ways to fill the gaps in their hands that would stop them from spending excess money. Are you one of them as well?

The Confessions of a Spendthrift

Being a spendthrift is what each one of us has been at some point in our lives. I remember myself buying fancy expensive clothes even when my wardrobe was filled with clothes I had put on only once. Aren’t most girls like this? It felt like an impulsive action to check-out the sales in the market only to buy half of the stock myself. I am sure there are people out there who always gorge food of every new restaurant that hits the block because they just want to do so. Either way, we mark ourselves as no less than spendthrifts. In the long run, we find ourselves trapped in numerous financial issues including loans and credit card defaults. Regardless of the hunger for our never ending thirsts, there are multiple ways we can control our day-to-day budgets.

1. Prioritize your “needs” and “wants”

Needs And Wants

Now this is what I personally did while I was facing trouble overcoming by my excessive spending habit. If you look closely, we’ve seen that those who manage to pull off a regular exercise session every morning are extremely successful. This is primarily because they understand that giving utmost priority from ‘most’ to ‘least’ is the ultimate key to success.

This is exactly how important one needs to prioritize in life in order to miss the financial issues. Household and medical bills need to go on top followed by school and college fees and monthly grocery budget. The rest will be filtered as the lesser important things that can wait when the time is right.

2. Use Cheap Rates for Communication

Cheap Rates For Communication

We live in a world where communication comes with an expensive price tag. For making an international call to your mother living in States or wishing your best friend on her birthday in London, you need to pay your mobile carrier a handsome amount of money. This can be curtailed in a way which is extremely effective. I’m talking of none other than the way of making calls on cheap rates through your very own smartphone. Through cheap internet calling services, you can make calls on cheap international call rates. So no matter in which corner of the world you are residing, you can make a call to anyone through cheap international calling rates. I’ve tried and tested it myself and no doubt it is a big money saver.

3. Limit your Credit Cards

Limit Your Credit Cards

Credit cards are a nuisance! They literally make you their addict. Once you have them, you’re out of control. Despite the benefits it offers you, at the end of the day, the long bill chokes you neck. Credit card gives you the liberty to make payments when you do not have money in your pockets. Right? You feel liberated when you start using them but in fact they’re enslaving you. You’re left with a huge pile of loans that are impossible to pay. Using less of credit card and more of actual cash in your pocket will save you from the haunting credit card bills.

In my eyes, there’s in no harm in being a spendthrift unless you keep your budget intact. After all, a little party every now and then didn’t harm anyone!

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