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Free Texting: Because Life is Super Busy for Long Calls

April 10, 2014 by Soha Naveed

There was a time when communication was all about talking to your friends and family on an old telephone device that was connected with the cord. Technology has reshaped our lives, hasn’t it? From using telephones to getting fax machines and now smartphones; technology and its magic wand has managed to take the world by storm. In strive to make our lives easier than ever, I thank technology whenever I use any such device or service. It is such a blessing when I use free texting service instead of choking long calls when I have tons of pending work to do.

Why Go For Free Texting?

Free texting allows the users to stay in touch with friends and family in a quicker and much more affordable way. The easier texting gets, the more people use it for their benefits. As a student, I am not a fan of long calls as I don’t find time to yap around the phone for hours. Same is the case with people who spend hours working in their offices – I am sure they don’t feel like taking phone calls when their boss is always eating their brains. Texting, by far has managed to save time for many people. Instead of making a pointless call for hours, youngsters and office goers prefer to write a one or a two liner to convey the same message.

Money Saver!

Money Saver

As the name mentions, free texting saves much of your money. Wouldn’t you like that? Through free texts, you can save money which you were previously spending on the cellular package texting. You can make the same amount of texts to the same contact circle for free. For all the sms lovers, it’s like the icing on the cake!

The Much Needed Privacy

Much Needed Privacy

Texting is the best option when one does not feel like talking over voice chats. The major advantage of texting is that it offers complete privacy to the users. If you wish to send a message to your wife, expressing to her how you feel or even to your sister about something that only stays between the two of you, texting guards your life.

How to Get Free Texting?

How To Get Free Texting

I’ve come across a lot of people who say that getting free texting service on their smartphones is easier said than done. This would’ve been true if the statement was said a couple of years ago. I would’ve favoured them, but not in the current case as we get many texting services for free. Getting an internet app that provides such a service like a VoIP app is the smartest thing to do in today’s world.

Go to your smartphone’s app market, search for free texting app and install in the phone. Once you have the app in your smartphone, invite your circle to communicate free of cost. All you need is to have a fast broadband speed internet connection on your smartphone and the free texting app and you’re good to go.

Life is all about time – the more time you invest in something proactive, the more you benefit from it. Talking on phone for hours is certainly no more than a waste of time when you have errands on hold. The better alternative is to get a free texting app on your smartphone and get loaded by its multiple benefits.

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