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5 affordable things for a memorable stay in Berlin

April 11, 2014 by Omar Sohail

I, like many travelers find Berlin a heavenly tourist destination. I say this because it has a wide range of entertaining activities and places at such affordable prices. From food to the welcoming hospitality of the people, from ease of transportation to the flexibility of wireless communication, here are five things that I found made traveling to Berlin affordable.

1. The Welcoming Nature of the Locals

The Welcoming Nature Of The Locals

Be it the employee of the hotel or the local residents, their hospitable nature is something that won me over the moment I checked in to the hotel. In addition to their hospitality, the locals in Berlin treated the tourists as their own. The most fascinating thing about the people was that majority of them were riding bicycles with their work clothes on. That was not the only thing hospitable about them. If you needed any form of assistance regarding which route to take, the locals were very accommodating to your requests. I didn’t experience any disrespect in their tones or attitudes during my trip.

2. Simpler and Cheaper Public Transport

Simpler And Cheaper Public Transport

The popular saying ‘time is money’ is something I took care of while traveling around Berlin. That being said, the one thing that I found extremely flexible was the level of organized public transportation. Sure, there were taxis present at every location, but to reduce the costs, I had to resort to traveling in buses. What was the best thing about these buses? They always arrived on time.

3. Amazing Food Prices and Servings

Amazing Food Prices And Servings

When it was time to make my way to the Berlin Wall, a friendly local resident reminded of a Lebanese roll stand just a few meters away from the starting point of Berlin Wall. The food was ‘out of this world’. Not only was it cheap, the serving size was exceptionally good. I packed some kebab rolls for further travelling just in case I crave for the yummilicious rolls again.

4. Cheap Communication Methods were the Best!

 Cheap Communication Methods Were The Best

I faced some misunderstandings with my travel agency that I needed to get rid of. Thanks to the internet services provided by the hotel, I could communicate with my travel agency with much ease. I was always on the go, so I needed a constant calling service through which my family could reach me without any trouble or delay. Due to the cheap international call service I managed to keep the money from going to waste.

5. The Eurorail was a breeze

The Eurorail Was A Breeze

If I had to visit so many places in short time period, air travel would be my best bet. However, thanks to Eurorail, I could travel to other countries in that short period of time and save a hefty amount of money while doing so.
The trip to Berlin no doubt had its fair share of problems. However, thanks to the hospitality of the locals, the organized public transport system, flexible communication methods and inexpensive yet scrumptious food, the trip ended being a memorable one.

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