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Let Yello Reconnect you with your Siblings on this National Siblings Day

April 11, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Imagine yourself in a position where you need help. The situation puts you in a place where you are too embarrassed to reach anyone of your friends. Who would you go for help or advice? Preferably, you’ll contact your brother or your sister. Despite the love-hate relationship while growing our siblings are the one who guard our backs in the hour of need. You may fight the most with them, but deep down, you miss them the most when they are out of sight. Our siblings are the first best friends we ever make, sisters being the gossip-mongers and brothers being your protection walls. If you are like me – the ones, who are too shy to express their feelings to their siblings, take the National Siblings’ Day to express your love for them.

Who started it?

For those who don’t know, National Sibling Day is primarily celebrated in the United States of America. For many special days, this day has a very heart-touching story – the day was created by Claudia Evart, a paralegal from New York who lost her only sisters at a very early age of life. In her honour, the day marks the importance of cherishing the presence of siblings in our lives.

Do you miss your partners in crime already?

Staying in the States or any other place in the world away from your siblings is one emotional wrecking state. One of the most difficult moments is when you miss the gossips of your sisters and the time you used to watch football with your brothers. Long distance does scatter everyone. College ends and you’re off to building your lives at the expense of distancing yourself from your soul mates. Calling back home even on special occasions seems quite expensive due to all the festive season spending. However, you can always go for the cheap and reliable sources of calling to and from US.

So many famous personalities like the first lady, Michelle Obama @FLOTUS are posting their pictures with their siblings

Michelle Obama With Her Brother Craig Robinson National Siblings Day

Michelle Obama has posted this picture with her brother Craig Robinson in the honour of National Siblings Day.

A renowned entrepreneur and President of a non-profit organization, Wendy Snodgrass has tweeted her sibling love. @Learning_LifeCo

 Wendy With Her Siblings

Wendy Snodgrass with her siblings.

President Cinnabon, Inc. and a leading business advisor, Kat Cole @KatColeATL has also shared her cutest sibling pictures on Twitter.

 Kat Cole With Her Sisters

Kat Cole (R) with her sisters.

However, there are many I know crave to hear their sibling’s voices and reconnect with them on a more personal and emotional level. Here, Yello is at your rescue to share the same giggles and laughter you once had with your beloved siblings.

Want to know how? Keep reading.

How Could Yello Help You?

If you are in States or you need to reach your sister or brother who is living there, you can make a call from Yello from your smart phone’s Yello app. Yello allows the users to make calls to US from anywhere in the world by offering them exceptionally cheap calling rates. Through the excellent voice transmission offered, you can make calls to US from the app. We take care of our users with giving them free credit upon registration along with 10% extra credit on every top-up they make from the website. The best part is the exceptionally cheap calling rate of 0.65cents/min which is as low as negligible.

Call Rates To United States Of America

Call Rates to the USA

There’s more!

The services aren’t limited to USA only – you can call your siblings from US across the globe. May it be in the coasts of Australia or the green lands of Africa, Yello is the right connection you need to stay close to your first best friends you ever made. These rates are available for anyone, living in any corner of the world having a smartphone or not. YES you read it right, no smart phone!

You haven’t read the best yet!

You can always get a local access number with us in case you’re not a smart phone user. It will enable you to make use of the same cheap call rates to make calls from any mobile hand-set or a landline number. Was calling home ever better?

Local Access Numbers To Dial From Usa

Let there be no barrier in reaching sisters and brothers on this occasion or anytime in life. Call them now from Yello and tell them how much you love them.

Happy National Siblings Day!

“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet” - Vietnamese Proverb

“You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them” - Desmond Tutu



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