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How has Globalization Transformed the Dynamics of Communication for the SMEs?

April 14, 2014 by Soha Naveed

It was yesterday when we never had a clue that we would be able to buy our favorite watch or pair of jeans while sitting on the laptop. Technology has changed our lives and our lifestyle and it continues to do more. Notice how the world seems small as we are able to communicate with people living overseas in minutes, without any significant hurdles. All of these facilities are the gift of technology.

Changes and advancements of technology have a huge impact on today’s small and medium enterprises. The SMEs of today have successfully globalized their businesses through internet. Take an example of an online store – only through the advancement of social media and the e-shopping world, the online store SMEs have made huge bucks while scrolling down on their laptop screens. Making global customers was once an impossible task for SMEs. However, this doesn't seem to be the case in today’s current situation.

With over 1.11 billion users on Facebook, business has reached new heights of success. All of the advancements in technology have made SMEs reach customers on worldwide basis. Here’s how the benefits roll.

Beating the Social Barrier

The world is a global village – technology has made the citizens of the world move virtually closer to us while living thousands of miles away. In terms of SMEs, globalization and communication is having a huge prevailing effect on them and their business. With marketing made on the internet with blogs and ads, getting reaching out to people on a more personalized manner in order to increase customer bank has become a piece of cake. They key to success: do not overdo it. Reach out your targeted audience and circle them through blogs, email offers about your product and services and you’ll do wonders sitting miles away from them.

Working Economically – Change in Methods of Communication

When we use the word communication, a lot of people may wonder how expensively things may get. True is the case, if only you know how to market yourself with correct usage of resources. The biggest benefit for SMEs is the use of VoIP and internet services through which they connect with their businesses all over the world along with their customers. Globalization is all about reaching audience overseas – why not do it in a way that has lesser pull of money from your pocket?

Making cheap international calls from cheap international call service providers is the key to success here. In addition, conference calls can be made through using these cheap ways of communication services like Yello, Skype and Viber to reach people living across international borders by paying peanuts as compared to the traditional ways of calling and conferencing.

Secondly, using the social media forums like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with your customers have boosted the SMEs in various regions of the world especially the developing countries where the finances need to be managed on all ends. The use of these platforms reaches out to a large group of people from all over the world.

The world is a global social hub now, all thanks to the technological advancements of communication. From students to SMEs and from families to employees - globalization has made a huge effect on all of us. The only way that unites us all is through the modern day modes of communication.

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