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Have an Eggtastic Easter with Yello!

April 18, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Spring is here in all its bloom! With the warm weather greeting us, the first seasonal event knocking our doors with its colourful presence is the Happy Easter day. Jesus resurrection is celebrated and rejoiced by every Christian around the world. So let us rejuvenate our Easter spirit by saying prayers in the name of Our Lord and Jesus Christ and by commemorating this blissful occasion with our beloved.

The Importance of Easter

Easter marks to be the most celebrated and the most-attended event for the Christians from all around the world. After 40 days of fasting, spiritual discipline, moderation and repentance in the name of Jesus, people reward themselves by celebrating the energetic Easter day with a rejuvenated spirit.

Jesus took the high road to suffering by being brave and noble which ended in his resurrection. It required a great deal of courage, selflessness and love for others to endure pain, to honour the virtue and to sacrifice his life for the sake of the salvation of others. We take this day to honour his endurance and thank Jesus Christ for his sacrifice.

Just as Christ yearned to be with Mary but his duty towards his followers led him to a different path. Similarly, due to certain responsibilities in life, some of us need to move away from our families. We miss the time of joy and family prayer gatherings.

If you’re one of those fellows who terribly miss their families at Easter time, I have the perfect Easter gift for you. The gift is a free deal which will bring you close to your family on not only Easter, but other important events of your life as well. Yello – the internet calling app for making international calls to your loved ones is here to save your money while conveying your emotions to your loved ones on this Easter day.

How Does Yello serve as an Egg-tastic Gift for Easter?

1. Cheap Way of International Communication

Initially, the idea is to bring you closer to your family from any place in the world on cheap international call rates. So if you are currently working in Far East or Middle East and want to connect back to your home in US, UK, Canada you will find our rates extremely compatible. You name your destination and we’ve got you covered in our secured-cocoon of highly cheap calls rates. You can safely invest a very little amount of your precious money and get maximum returns with cheap Yello rates as an Easter gift to your family.

2. Get a Local Access Number while Living Anywhere

A smartphone can be a requirement for many things but not for making a call from Yello. We facilitate you through a local access number in case you do not have a smartphone. Through your very own local access number, you can make the international calls at the same cheap rates from any landline or mobile phone set. So if you’re in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe or any other part of the world, local access number will help you reach your dear ones without any complications.

3. Know your Cheap Calling Rates

The title itself is self-explanatory – As Yello provides cheap international call rates to and from people living anywhere in the world. For example, the rates of calling to Canada from any country are 0.35 cents/ min. Similarly, a call to US from anywhere in the world costs as low as 0.72 cents/min and to UK costs 0.51 pennies/min.

 Cheap International Calling Rates

Could it get any cheaper than that?

Who would miss a chance of reviving the Easter spirit with their loved ones? Not me. Don’t let distance hold you back. Make use of Yello on this Easter and express your joy and love.

Have a Happy Easter!

Remember us in your prayers!


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