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Save Earth Save You, Turn Pro-Active this Earth Day!

April 22, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Sometimes we forget how important our planet is to us. We live on it, yet it’s the least cared for. In the midst of making a better life for ourselves, we forget to thank our Mother Earth for giving us the shelter to live. Take this day as an opportunity to make green resolutions and fight the apathy people have towards the precious planet. Though every day is an Earth Day but 22nd April embarks the day where people rethink about their damaging choices towards their environment.

Earth Day

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How Did the Earth Day Start?

The Senator Gaylord Nelson of the United States of America was unsatisfied by the damaging conditions of the Earth in 1963. He used his power to aim at solving environmental and pollution problems and making the planet a better place to live. In 1970, Senator Nelson declared to dedicate one day for the cause of saving the Earth. 22nd April 1970 was the first Earth Day. This day has landed its importance ever since.

The Green House Effect

Green House Effect 2

There are various factors that harm the Earth’s land and atmospheric cycle. One of the prevailing ones is the greenhouse effect. The process by which the temperature of the earth is regulated is known as greenhouse effect. Process such as burning of fossil fuels, increasing of carbon dioxide and using of PVC released gases which make the earth warmer, damaging the balance in the Earth’s atmosphere. This has been one of the major causes of global warming. Cut back on the anti-green

Be Proactive - Go Green for Life!

Be Proactive Go Green For Life

You are responsible for the place you live in. If you care enough for your clean house, then show enthusiasm and concern for this planet. This is the only one we’ve got, respect it!

The tons of bio-hazard waste on the shores of Atlantic and Pacific has caused many animals to die. Not only this, but the marine life has been highly intoxicated with poisonous substances killing an entire range of fish.

Pollution in its every form has been caused by humans and we have a collective responsibility towards our planet. Each one of us needs to volunteer towards restoring the planet’s atmosphere. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Connect for Free and Create Awareness

Through free apps like Facebook, you can connect with the masses and create events for the Earth day. The social activist inside you needs to raise, spread awareness and connect on a large scale. Furthermore, make use of the free texting apps like Yello or WhatsApp and send invitations through free sms along with free follow-ups with your invitees. The money you will save from free connectivity will go to more useful stuff like buying pro-green items and discarding the anti-green matters.

2. Grow Green

 Grow Green

Since childhood we are taught that green protects the environment. Play your role in planting more trees and plants, promoting rainforests and no cutting trees for industrial purposes is what needs to be done in the reduction to earth’s damage. The erosion process is slowed down by planting as many trees as they are the asset of our planet. Such small actions will possibly reverse the disastrous atmospheric changes in the environment of the Earth.

3. Discard Anti-Green Materials

Discard Anti Green Materials

Supporting green and using such items reflect in lesser global warming of the Earth. Using polythene, for example, suffocates plants and it destroys the environment. In such case, replacing carbon emission products with the fuel efficient products is what we should all do. Make a habit of using paper bags instead of plastic bags. Also, burning of the non-biodegradable waste like polythene, rubbers from tyres, fossil fuel in factories etc. cause severe damage to the atmosphere. Proper recycling of items should be done. So do not pool together every item while discarding them. Make sure you make separate packs for each of them.

It is time we become responsible citizens and play our roles in giving Earth space to breathe. Celebrate everyday as the Earth Day and don’t forget to create awareness and concern among others.

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