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Witness the Birth of a New Baby while Living Abroad

April 24, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Living abroad is like having a roller coaster ride – its fun, but at times it gets extremely difficult to spend time. I do understand why most people today move abroad. The situations vary from acquiring job opportunities to getting in a dream university. In today’s world, who would miss the chance of settling abroad for either of these situations?

However, spending a large portion of your life away from your friends and family is nerve wrecking. From your niece’s first birthday to your best friend’s wedding, the most important events of your life are spent without you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Nonetheless where there is a will, there is a way. In case your brother or sister has their first babies, you CAN be a part of it. Thanks to the latest tech savvy smartphones of today, making your presence feel while staying abroad is a reality.

There are about 700,000+ apps in the app markets for android smartphones. So you have a lot of chances of getting the apps which will allow you to be equally present in the baby’s birth. Here are the top 3 apps you can make use of while rejoicing the early days of the baby’s birth.

1. Shop and Search from Chrome

We all are huge fans of browsing, aren’t we? Perhaps browsing is the one thing that unites people from various places. Chrome is one of the famous and vital apps present in the list of browsers. Using Chrome for getting online baby items is fast and easy. Google Chrome smartphone app allows you to search for large online baby stores. Remember, a new smartphone acts like a door to the infinite world of browsing. Make sure you do it the right way.
The e-shopping sites also offer the deliverance of items overseas. So there is no need to rush to shops and courier companies for sending the gifts you purchase for the baby.

2. Facebook Shares and Tags

The first thing I do in the morning after switching off the alarm is check my Facebook. I’m one of those billions of users of Facebook who are literally hooked onto the social networking website. We tag, we share, and we spread the word because we love facebook.
We just love sharing our life happenings on Facebook. Use Facebook as the tool for sharing the happy moments of baby birth on Facebook and get prayers from your loved ones and friends alike. You can also share the pictures and moments with those just like yourself who couldn’t make it to the special occasion of the baby birth.

3. Make Unlimited Free Calls

Wait a second – did you not think about making an international call to someone in your family at the time of the birth of your nephew or niece? If not, then do it now! Imagine the moment when you hear your family’s ecstatic screams and congratulations coming from all corners? Overwhelming, I must say. You can be one of these lucky ones to be able to connect through free calling apps on your smartphones. These apps have, undoubtedly made communications a lot easier.

Do not miss any moment of your family for every moment is a special one.

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