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Celebrate the spirit of Labor Day with respect from Yello!

April 30, 2014 by Sundas Asif

"Business, labor and civil society organizations have skills and resources that are vital in helping to build a more robust global community."

- Kofi Annan

Working class is the base of socio-economic structure of every society. The celebration of Labor Day is very significant for the realization of the interest of this class. In many countries it is celebrated in different ways but in some parts of the world, the working class does not realize the importance of its celebration because they are so busy in striving hard for their work. It is very important to celebrate it by connecting to peers and family because the global community needs the participation of every individual for its development.

Labor Day

International Labor Day is celebrated on 1st May all over the world to embrace and acknowledge the participation of workers in economic and social achievements of a country. A national holiday is observed on 1st May all over the word. It is celebrated as a summer fertility festival in many regions of the world especially in South Asia and Europe. Labor Day celebrations are very significant in socialist countries because working classes mark it as a day to initiate economic and social reforms. In American continent, it is celebrated in remembrance of the 1880 shooting in Chicago from where the concept of Labor Day originated but it is celebrated in USA on the 1st week of September.

1. A Labor Day Labor Forgot to Celebrate

Labour Day Speech

Labor Day is celebrated by organizing parades, rallies and speeches worldwide. Many political parties and labor unions celebrate it by organizing seminars and processions to preserve their interest. In countries where the working class realizes the importance of this day, they celebrate it to make reforms regarding their working hours, better labor conditions and often their labor laws. Sometimes marches for labor rights are also observed on this day. In some countries where it is celebrated as a festival usually barbeque parties and musical nights are also organized. The labor that works overseas and in far off cities usually connects with their families because they feel it’s a day to relax and enjoy their blessings.

2. Labors need time out!

Relaxing On Labor Day

Labor Day is an occasion to celebrate and connect with families. An economy cannot survive without its strong base which is working class, but this class has made itself so busy in serving towards the economic development that they forget to realize the importance of this day. Labor Day is recognized all over the world as a day to pay attention to the rights of working class. To preserve the interest of working class at the time of globalization, connecting to peers is very important as well. Labor class needs to take a time-out to celebrate their families and their lives.

3. Reconnect whenever you have a time-out!

Reconnect whenever you have a time-out

Where the technological advancements in telecom industry serve the white collars, it actually gives benefit to labor class as well. The tele-communications industry has provided the overseas labor with cheap international calling services because they know it’s their dire wish and need to reconnect with their families back home.

Affording a smart phone is not in everyone’s reach and for that the international call providers have initiated the facility of a local access number through with any person can call from any mobile handset or a landline number. Therefore owning a smartphone is not under question anymore.

If you’re one of those people who have been working round the clock then take a break and let out the steam from the hectic routine. Let loose, reconnect with the most important people in your life and realize your value as a hard-working labor.

Yello salutes the power of labor with utmost respect.

We wish you a happy and relaxed Labor Day.


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