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Top 10 International Call Providers with Cheap Calling Rates

April 30, 2014 by Nida Khawaja

Being an overseas immigrant it has been one of my biggest confusions as to which calling provider is the best in its rates, features and rates. There are tons of calling card providers along with the smartphone app providers who have thousand claims of providing the most competitive rates with diverse features. I was lost for quite some time in this fish market of self-proclaimed leaders of calling applications before I researched into this myself and discovered the top 10 list of call providers with the most challenging rates along with some great services and features.

Read along as I discuss their rates, services and features for your better understanding.

The 10 names are:

  1. Yello
  2. Vopium
  3. Rebtel
  4. Tel3
  5. Ai Telephone
  6. Namada 
  7. United World
  8. My011
  9. Buzport
  10. Best Call Service


Here I share with you the calling rates table for the top 10 in 7 main countries that have a high immigrant ratio with USA alone having 41 million immigrants living in 2012.
Most of the immigrants residing in USA find it expensive to call their families back in their native land rather than the other way round. Same goes with the rest of the countries. Therefore, the call rates are subject to the “calling to” destinations. For instance if you are an Indian calling to USA the call from Yello will cost you as low as 0.72 cents/minute, much cheaper than the other call providers and far cheaper than calling from landline or mobile carriers.

You can take a look at your calling destination and find out which ones fit your pocket in the best sense.

Call Rates Comparison


Call rates are not the deciding factor when it comes to opting for the cheapest international calling provider. There are several other factors that you consider that include PC to phone calling, free calls among others. Let us quickly see which of these providers give the best services.


There is a clear distinction of Yello among the others in the services department. Starting from VOIP calling till the end the user gets all the required services of SMS, free video chatting and getting a local access number in case you do not have the facility of a smartphone or any mobile to begin with. Local access number allows you to make calls using your landline phone on extremely cheap rates as mentioned in the first table. Rebtel and Vopium are the other two providers that give you maximum services.

One clear distinction that Yello provides in this today’s social world is the facility of connecting with social hub from the Yello dialer app on your smartphones. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are only one touch away and all in one app when you are connected with Yello service.


Given below are the prominent features of these top 10 calling apps which most of us want for easy connectivity.

Prominent Features

Out of all the aforementioned features, the ones that will gain the smartphone user’s attention will be the last two features. From all of the apps, Yello is the only one that provides an initial free credit to the user. Rebtel, Vopium and Yello the only three calling services that enables you to call anywhere in the world for the first call for free.

At the end of the day, the verdict lays in the hands of the smartphone’s owner i.e you. I gave you my list, now you can examine each and every detail according to your own demographics and needs and finalize on whom to choose as your Cheap International Calling Provider.

Let me know if this information was valuable for you. If you have further queries about call rates of some specific destination(s) or added services or features, connect with me. I shall be happy to help you in the best possible way.

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