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Better Wireless Connectivity: Reason Apple is charging $100 extra for iPhone 6

April 15, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Apple does not have a good reputation when it comes to providing consumers with cost effective products. However, while many smartphone users continue to shout at Apple and its expensive iPhone; one word can be summarized as to why Apple prices its phones with a large price tag, ‘Quality’. The popular saying 'you get what you pay for' can be said here because the iPhone 5s not only possesses components that allows users to run the most demanding of tasks on their phone (thanks to the iPhone 5s' energy efficient and high performing A7 processor), it also possesses wireless connectivity components that give users a huge advantage when they use internet calling apps to make free international calls, as well as engage in high quality video calling with their loved ones (iPhone 5s' camera). Only this time, users will get more quality out of their iPhone 6 than before and this exactly is the reason for which Apple has decided to price the highly anticipated iPhone 6 $100 higher at the launch.

1. Better wireless connectivity components

Similar to the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 will possess a dual band frequency transmitter and receiver. How exactly does a dual band component help in connectivity performance? Simple, it does not interfere with other wireless components such as cordless phones and other Smartphone’s’ signals. If interference takes place, the free calls’ quality takes a heavy hit and you can no longer enjoy a high quality international call. Video calling quality also decreases as a result, so does the overall experience for the user. However, the upcoming iPhone 6 will possess dual band frequency components and that only means better call and video calling quality for users, especially when they are making free international calls.

2. Higher performing wireless standard

The iPhone 5s’ wireless connectivity components support the wireless standard 802.11 n which has a maximum speed of 600 Megabits per second. Though the speed is impressive and will no doubt allow users to flexibly make free international calls without compromising in quality, the iPhone 6 has wireless connectivity components that support the 802.11 ac wireless standard, which is currently the fastest wireless standard in existence. If the name does not astonish you, then the speed most certainly will. The 802.11 ac wireless standard will has a maximum speed of 1300 Megabits per second, which is more than twice the maximum speed of the 802.11 n wireless standards.

High Performing Wireless Standards of connectivity

Any delay or decrease in performance that you were experiencing while making free international calls to your loved ones using the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6’s components will finally make sure that you be rid of them. The same thing will apply to video calling. The better the speed, the better the image and voice quality of these video calling sessions.

3. Better operating system and processor

Currently, Apple’s iOS happens to be the smoothest mobile operating system out there. This operating system consumes minimum amount of system resources such as processing power and RAM, which means that more of these system resources can be allocated towards system apps. So when you start using voice and video calling apps to make free international calls, extra processing power and RAM will be dedicated to that app, which means you will end up getting more performance out of it and hence forth, better call quality. Not only this, but Apple’s A8 processor present in the iPhone 6 will be a 64 bit processor, which means that the apps running on the 64 bit architecture of the processor and will be able to run smoother as compared to 32 bit processors.

A lot of people don’t realize that manufacturing, and placing high quality and performance components costs a lot of money in building an iPhone. These components are the reason why the iPhone delivers a smooth mobile experience to the user. And it is for the same reason why Apple has priced its iPhone 6 with $100 more. Looking into the high performing wireless connectivity of iPhone 6, I must say that it is a smart investment to act smarter in your social, professional and personal circles.

What feature are you looking for at best that moves you to buy the new iPhone 6?

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