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Google's latest 'objective to complete'? Providing Wi-Fi to phone booths

August 12, 2014 by Omar Sohail

Google’s upcoming projects such as Project Ara (modular smartphones) and Project Loon might take a while to reach fruition, but that certainly does not mean that the tech giant is going to hang back and relax. The popular adage ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ fits Google’s ‘utopic’ vision perfectly, as the advertising company is out to fulfill another objective, while it continues the final implementation of the aforementioned projects to reach the specified deadlines. Google’s latest project, which has been unnamed by the company, will be providing free wireless connectivity to phone booths, starting from New York City, which will later be spread to the remaining parts of the country.

What has Google planned now?

With Android L just around the corner, Google wants to stay well ahead of the curve, so that it does not get overwhelmed by the remaining competition. In order to do this, the company has formed a lethal partnership with companies such as Samsung Electronics Co, Cisco Systems Inc, and IBM. This partnership was formed when several executives had attended an informational meeting in May by the city’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Thanks to the technological acumen and implementation knowledge of these companies, citizens in New York City will be getting a treat to satisfy their browsing, streaming and VoIP calling sessions. After all, who does not enjoy free internet access? That’s right. Google’s current objective is to load phone booths in New York City that will be able to deliver internet access to users in close proximity of the phone booths and that too, absolutely free.

Will the phone booths be offering any additional services?

Apart from delivering wireless free internet access to users, there are additional services that will be delivered by these phone booths (keep in mind that these remaining services will be charged). These services include:

  • Advertising
  • Phone services

These phone booth Wi-Fi hotspots will be present in the city’s most populous and crowded locations. Google has decided to target these locations because these locations will serve the company’s purpose as well as the purpose of the people who happen to be present close to these phone booths. Since a company’s main objective is to earn revenue, the additional services included in the package (which include advertising and phone services) will allow Google to earn additional amount of revenue.

There are approximately 7,000 payphones in New York City which will be able to envelop the city with a bundle full of services. Google’s primary source of revenue is generated through ad revenue and since the incorporation of these services will allow Google to snare a larger piece of the US digital market, the venture will serve dual purposes. Currently, the company provides wireless access in Mountain View and in the Chelsea neighborhood. The same thing is going to be done when Project Loon is officially launched. After satellites have enveloped the entire globe, delivering internet speeds of 1 Gbps, it will not allow deliver internet access to areas which have a poorly developed networking infrastructure, but the company will also be able to increase their ad revenue through this venture. 

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