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8 apps that should come preinstalled in every smartphone

August 21, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

Apps are the reason a smartphone has ‘smart’ in its title as they make you customize the phone as per your needs. It’s been quite a while that we are living in a smartphone era which is defined by various applications and different operation systems like Android, iOS etc and we have finally reached a phase where we understand our phones a lot more than ever.

And in this phase, I think we all would agree that following eight apps should become part of every smartphone user. Most of you would be aware of these apps and might have been too dependent on them already while others may want to give them a shot – whatever your case is, I think all of the following apps should come preinstalled in every smartphone;

1. Yello – keep on talking

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: free

Yello is one such app in my phone that allows me to keep on talking to my heart’s content. The most lovable feature of this VOIP app is; it does not bind you, I can talk to anyone via Yello whether they have the same app or not. However, talking to my Yello buddies is free while I have to pay a little when calling to non-Yello folks - needless to say Yello literally offers cheap calls to many destinations in the world.

Other than calling, I also use this app for texting, video calling, sending and receiving funny videos, pictures and audio clips from friends. I have this app for quite a while in my phone and I am sure it will stay there forever.

2. Dashlane Password Manager – don’t bother your memory

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: free

I admit, it’s impossible for me to remember so many passwords and due to my inability to memorize scores of passwords, I ended up keeping a same password for every account I ever made on internet – which is a totally idiotic and risky thing to do.

And then I welcomed Dashlane to my smartphone and it literally solved my ‘passwords’ problem. Now I just remember one password to my Dashlane account and it helps me access all my other accounts.

This app is free to use but you can buy a premium account as well for $4.99/month or $39.99/year for added features.

3. Dropbox – everything is always available

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: free

Dropbox is everyone’s favorite app. Why shouldn’t it be? Who doesn’t like having all their pictures, songs, videos, work documents, spreadsheets and other stuff all in one place? It’s an amazing feeling. And since Dropbox is all about syncing and sharing, it integrates with so many other apps as well. Dropbox gives me the feeling of being in control since I have all my important data on my fingertips.

And in case you don’t know, Dropbox is your personal storage space online and you can access it from any device with internet connection by just logging into your account.

4. Avast – the antivirus

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: free

I hate the idea of losing everything in my precious smartphone just because of some rampant virus. And that’s why I have Avast antivirus as it does not mess with the routine operation of my phone and yet protects it. In more technical terms, I am not afraid of any kind of viruses, malware, adware and spyware with Avast app downloaded in my phone.

Lots of people say that antivirus always slows down your device but I have not experienced that with Avast.

5. Netflix – binge watching is new way to watch TV

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: free (for 1 month only)

Netflix is definitely a pioneer of binge watching be it TV series or movies. And with its amazing awesome original series like ‘Orange is the new black’ and ‘Houses Of Cards’, I feel it’s the most important app in my phone.

Its bookmarking feature is very interesting which allows me to highlight the exact spot in any video before shutting down the app so that next time I resume my TV consumption; I know exactly where to start.

However, Netflix does not come free but it gives one month free subscription before charging you.

6. Google Maps – find your way

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: free

Google Maps make life so much easier especially on the lost roads. Voice navigation, local reviews, street views and traffic updates – do I need more reason to have this app in my phone forever.

There are so many apps trying to work in this area but Google Maps remain unbeatable for now.

7. LinkedIn

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: free

When it comes to social media apps, everybody usually have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and Tumblr downloaded in their phone but LinkedIn is always neglected.

However, I have LinkedIn in my phone and I have found it way more useful than I thought. It keeps you updated with current trends in your particular area of interest and guides you on how to stay updated and relevant in your professional field.

And if you are a freelancer, then LinkedIn has many groups that not only hook you up with potential employers but you also get valuable tips from veterans.

8. Yelp

Available on: Google Play Store/ iTunes

Cost: free

Yelp is an app for adventurous people who dare to explore new places in their city. Sometimes you don’t want to hang out in your usual place and Yelp can guide you to all the nearby bars, restaurants etc with genuine reviews from local people. Yelping is the new way to locate businesses in the city.

In addition, you can also find deals and make reservations via this app. In short, Yelp can make you the master of knowing all the hot spots in your city.

Well that was my opinion, why don’t you be the judge and add or subtract apps in this list as per their worth of being part of every smartphone in comments box below.

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