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Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in UK: How to escape them

August 22, 2014 by Soha Naveed

For any country education is considered as the backbone of the prosperity, progress and development as it serves as the light that forecasts on moral, religious, social and economic aspects of the nation. For a country like Pakistan, the importance of educated population plays a huge role in the advancement of the nation, as every nation is thriving to have a balanced educational and well-established setup that covers the needs of the nation.  Because of education, developed countries have managed to earn their positions based on educational structures which have modernized with the passage of time.

A lot Pakistani students are aspired to study abroad – in a world which is filled with renowned universities known as United Kingdom. Studying maybe a dream, yet it is filled with complications and difficulties to reach towards the dreams of studying abroad. Even getting the visa done for another country is a hurdle in itself. The real problem starts when a student starts living away from his or her home, in a totally new place. UK maybe one of the places where every student wishes to study, but there are a lot of complications liked with a totally unfamiliar environment.

Finding the Right Institution

Finding The Right Institution

One of the primary problems faced by many students wishing to go abroad is finding the right institutions, which offers the desired courses for them. There are a lot of famous universities in UK of the right curriculum and degrees in which a lot of people wish to get admitted. Study their requirements and make sure you reach up to the mark. Along with the problem of finding right institution comes the hurdle of getting visa for UK. The criteria of the universities are extremely difficult if you wish to gain a scholarship.

Choose the Right Residence

Choose The Right Residence

After going through a tedious process of visa and admissions, a student should have the best residence to live in an unfamiliar land – a land which is full of fun, as well as problems. As a new local, someone in UK would face trouble in finding the right place to live. This is exactly why it is appreciable to find a university which provides hostel or dorms for their international students. It saves students from a lot of hurdles. For a Pakistani, it is extremely difficult to live on his or her own in a foreign country.

Getting a Job

Getting A Job

A student living in UK may have to face a lot of expenses and costs. This is exactly why while living in UK, one must find the right part time job. However, getting a job in UK as a foreign resident is also a hurdle. If you get lucky, you will be able to find a job. Then there are restrictions on the numbers of hours students can work in a week and students need to abide by that. Nonetheless, you need to adjust wisely in the workplace and be able to deal with the tough routines.

Dealing with Home Sickness

Dealing With Home Sickness

It is quite often heard that Pakistani students get home sick as they are away from their family, making them feel miserable. In this case, making calls on cheap rates from UK to Pakistan is what the student needs to do. Of course, saving on calls is essentially important because life in UK is already expensive. Therefore, make sure you use the right method to feel attached towards your family, even while being miles away from them. Use cheap international calling methods like mobile calling apps which can also be used if you don’t possess a mobile.

All of these problems are meant to be gradually solved with the passage of time. One should not be confused or afraid – be strong and determined because this is a part of life.

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