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3 major issues Indian students face in UK and their plausible solutions

August 29, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

Asian countries lack high-quality education institutions and mostly Asians go abroad for post graduate degrees to build a better future for themselves. Chinese and Indian students dominate in foreign universities with Chinese being the most mobile students in the world followed by Indians.

The favorite destinations for Indian students have been United States of America (USA) and then United Kingdom (UK) for their education as both these countries have world class educational institutes.

Mostly Indian students prefer UK as it is home to many Indians already and newbie students expect to have a little support from their natives. And it’s not just about the support but having a bit of familiar environment makes them comfortable in this country.  

However, studying in a foreign country comes with handful of problems – some of them can be avoided while others are simply inevitable. Let us discuss the three most crucial issues faced by Indian students in UK and their probable solutions;

1) Visa Issues:

Formerly UK used to let Indian students stay in the country for two years after their education to find work opportunities and settle down in the country if they wanted to. But recently there have been some radical changes in Visa policies for foreign students by UK.  Now a non-EU student has to go back immediately after completely his/her education. Of course, the UK government’s intention behind this move was to control net migration, pick up bogus applicants and also deport those students who are overstaying their visas.

As if getting a student visa to UK was not enough of a problem that UK government has to impose these unnecessary limitations as well.


However, if you want to stay in the country legally then you could change your visa to Tier 2 immigration status but you need to have a job that pays at least £20,000.

Another option can be applying for visa for entrepreneurs after completing your education but UK only gives 1000 of those per year.

2) Limited Work Opportunities:

Since the world is still pretty much facing the consequences of global economic crisis, there are not many jobs in UK for fresh Indian graduates. You will find yourself exhausting over issues like no work opportunity, no work permit for students and other related problems while your stay in UK.


You are not going to find an ideal career in UK but if you are really interested in getting work experience then you might get a poorly paid job. It won’t pay much but you can get a great addition to your resume of working in an international company, which will surely assist you in landing a better job back at home.

3) Cost of Living

Ask anybody, UK is expensive and especially the cost of living feels even more when your parents have literally saved money for years to send you abroad for studies. You really feel the pressure of spending carefully.


You cannot make UK cheap however focus on small things that might save some bucks. Like instead of eating food from a cafeteria, start cooking your own meals. And don’t use your phone credit for calling to India from UK, utilize apps like Yello. And your family does not even have to own a smartphone for this purpose; you can call any number from Yello at cheap calling rates to India.

Being an Indian, studying in UK might overwhelm you at times but the key is to care for the future that it promises and rest will be fine.

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