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How does Philippines visa policy affect the migrants in Middle East?

August 27, 2014 by Soha Naveed

The Middle East since the discovery of oil and natural gas has always been considered a land of infinite opportunities. Several hundreds of thousands of businesses have established their headquarters, refineries and several other job creating organizations over there due to the presence of such riches and ideally located natural ports. This has attracted several workers all around the world from different countries to shift here and earn money for their loved ones and families and a brighter future, which also includes the Philippines as well. The visa policy of the Middle East however is a concern for all these workers as they do not provide nationalities like European countries and America.

Below are a few concerns for these workers:

Living costs:

The living costs have gone up due to the recent economic fallout and the saturation of several Middle Eastern countries, which is why it is always a concern for all the workers living here as tenants are now charging higher than before. Due to such visa policies and the awareness of locals of the need of work for foreign workers, cost of living has gradually increased in the Middle East and it continues to create problems for them as well as for other nationality holder workers including Filipino people.

Visa fee:

Visa fee has also changed for Filipino workers. Depending upon the stay, visas in the Middle East are usually given at different rates depending on the length of stay. The 90 day stay usually costs around 1200 Dirhams whereas the 30 day visa costs around 620 Dirhams. These costs vary depending upon the nature of visit as long term visas of 90 days which need to be renewed cost less.

Work Visa:

Visa in the Middle East depend upon the nature of the visit, such as 30 day or 90 day visas are provided to workers on behalf of companies and can be renewed for a particular amount of money. Similarly transit visas cost differently and last 96 hours, for basically travel purposes and tourism. Student visas and medical visas also cost differently and their details can be confirmed at various websites.

Cost of communication:

The Middle East has several strict regulations regarding foreign communication and has usually very high calling rates to call to different countries which usually result in the increase in expenses and thus burdening the workers of Philippines and other nationalities. Luckily for them, services like Yello are providing cheap international calling services at extremely nominal rates that any other calling services doesn’t provide. A call to Philippines is as cheap as 10.99 cents per minute for landline, 12.4 for cell phones and 4 cents for text messages. These rates are very affordable and you can find out more information at their online website.

Working in the Middle East has truly been an aim for many people, which is why Yello aims to make it easy for you as much as it can.

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