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Be Smart about Phone Fees while Staying Overseas

December 1, 2014 by Soha Naveed

All thanks to the technology we have today, staying in touch with friends and family while staying overseas is magnificently easy, compared to what we had long ago. Keeping in touch with you folks back home does not have to break the bones of your bank.

One needs to be extremely careful about how they are going to manage their mobile carrier phone fees while they stay overseas.

The roaming fees of your mobile phone carrier could be more than $2,000 as well, costing you more than the airfare or the hotel fees, largely depending on the country you are visiting.

You can always avoid the roaming charges with research, planning and looking wisely at your options. You can avoid getting into situation of paying telecom companies more than what they deserve.

Here is how you can smartly save your money from paying extra phone fees while staying overseas:

Check your Phone Company’s Plans

Check Your Phone Company’S Plans

A lot of domestic phone carriers offer their customers with prepaid data and voice packages which are designed for foreign travel which you can purchase before you hit the sky for your traveling experience. This is one of the options the customers are usually comfortable with.

The cost per minute of the phone call or cost of the text is pretty straightforward. However, you may face issues on the pricing as there may be unseen or extra charges applied while searching on the internet, checking on the Foursquare, posting pictures on Facebook and sending email.

So beware of the extra charges.

Using Free International Texting

Using Free International Texting

Who does not like free stuff? While you are staying abroad, using free international texting apps is the wisest decision one can make. Through your smartphone, you can get an app for international texting that works for free. You do need connection to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G or even edge to get the international free texting app going, but the texts won’t cost you a penny.

So from one corner of the world to another, communicate from free, without paying any extra phone fees.

Use your Laptop as your Phone

Use Your Laptop As Your Phone

Traveling with your laptop is always a wise decision. With apps like Skype, you can make video and voice calls from your laptop over the internet. With Skype, you can call other Skype users for free. However if you have to reach someone who does not have any Skype, you can call on their landline or mobile phone by paying a small fees.

It would be at least not as much as the fees of the mobile carriers. You do not need any service plan for this as well. You can also use the Skype mobile app for making calls around the world.

Keep Track of the Mobile Data Usage

Keep Track Of The Mobile Data Usage

Through an app or a special number, you can monitor the mobile data on the go. Smartly, you can download several data tracking apps for different mobile companies.

Learn the right way of monitoring your mobile data use and you would not have to pay any extra phone fees.

Mobile carriers can be very choking when it comes to overseas rates. Use these ways to avoid paying them while staying abroad.


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