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4 VoIP Apps that Run on Android, iPhone and Blackberry

December 17, 2014 by Soha Naveed

A lot of people today have shifted their interest from using their cellular service calling to VoIP calling services. If you are also one of those who wish to save their green over the bills, it’s time to ditch the cellular calling.

Using VoIP app for making calls is what needs to be done now. Using VoIP is not a difficult thing, especially when we have smartphones today. The services are either low-cost or free, depending on the VoIP app and its features. However, there comes a hurdle when one may want a VoIP app for their smartphone, but it is not available on their smartphone’s operating system.

While that might still be true, there are some VoIP apps which can be availed on any operating system.

Following is the list of the top four VoIP apps which can be downloaded on any OS:





Who does not know about Viber today? Viber made a presence in the heart of smartphone users when they were looking for the best texting alternative app.

With the passage of time, Viber has earned its place by offering not just texting, but free calling as well. So in addition to texts, Viber allows you to make calls on any Viber user through Wi-Fi or voice calls over the data on low costs in any place in the world. The best part is that if you have a smartphone that works on android, iOS or Blackberry OS, you can still use Viber as it is available on all OS.





Skype is what comes right in our minds when we think about reaching someone across the borders. With is massive passionate users, Skype has managed to offer the best VoIP calling services worldwide.

When it comes to free VoIP texting and calling, Skype is the major player in the game which offers free video and voice calls to those who use Skype as well. Historically, Skype was the pioneers in giving services of free calling and then nominal charging to non-Skype users. It also offers free group video calls and large conference calls. One can take full advantage of this app regardless of their OS as Skype is available on all smartphones.





Vonage made its way to the users by offering internet calls from the home phone. With the passage of time, they have launched their apps for android, iOS and Blackberry, allowing the flexibility of making calls around the world.

With your own number, you can make calls over data and Wi-Fi use as well. Messaging, video calls and voice calls are for free. However, the domestic calls made to different numbers that are not on Vonage are charged, but on cheap rates.





Another jackpot for smartphone users is the app Yello. Recently launched, Yello allows the users of making calls to their Yello friends and family for free.

For those who are not on Yello, Yello users can make low-cost calls to them, regardless of what corner of the world they live in. It does not matter if your smartphone works on iOS, android or Blackberry as Yello is incorporated on all the leading operating systems.


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