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5 ways you can make most of Christmas Eve

December 23, 2014 by Tooba Altaf

Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas and it holds great religious as well as culture importance. Germans refer to it as “Heilige Nacht” which means “Holy Night” while Spanish people call it “Nochebuena” meaning “the Good Night”.

There are many traditions associated with it throughout the world. You are supposed to honor those customs but there are other ways too to make most of your Christmas Eve. So I have created a list of things to do on Christmas Eve;

a) Dine Out:


Dine Out


Christmas Eve is the night to dine out. What else can be more fulfilling than having a delicious dinner with your immediate family just before Christmas? According to a news report from “Independent”, this Christmas season, more people are opting to dine out just to avoid the stress of arranging dinner at home.

And of course, you should eat out for the same reason – to release the pressure of holiday season and heighten your Christmas spirit by enjoying the celebration out in streets.

b) Last minute preparation for the big day


Last Minute Preparation For The Big Day


No matter how much you plan every year, there are plenty of things to do at last moment. So utilize some of your Christmas Eve in taking care of all the pending tasks.

You might have to give final touch-ups to your dress or there might be an ingredient missing for your grand Christmas dinner or you might have to check up on your Christmas dinner reservation or there is some accessory or matching tie that you might have to buy for your daughter or son. So you see the list is filled with endless possibilities but don’t worry, you still have time.

c) Cleaning your house


Cleaning Your House


Whether you are inviting people at your place or not, Christmas asks for special decoration and cleaning of your home. Of course you have cleared up a space for your Christmas tree and decorated it to the best but Christmas demands more than that.

Usually people start an in-depth cleaning of their homes weeks before the big day. But if you have some little tasks left, you can do it on Christmas Eve.

d) Reminder calls


Reminder Calls


Don’t underestimate the task of reminder calls. There are so many people who can’t do anything without them. You might have to remind your husband to pick up the cake on his way home or about anything else.

But on Christmas Eve, you should call people to remind them again about Christmas dinner at your place. Just a little tip here, use Yello for these calls as it is free and there would be average user traffic. And even if your friends don’t use Yello, you can still call or send them message for minimum cost.

e) Chilling, relaxing and not-stressing


Chilling Relaxing And Not Stressing

Chilling, relaxing and not-stressing are really the most important tasks on Christmas Eve as your life will get very busy following the Christmas day. Christmas Eve is in a way an unofficial beginning of the madness.

So you really want to have a calm start to enjoy the rest of crazy ride. Sleep, watch a movie, play a game on your Play Station or anything to soothe your nerves.


Happy Yappy Christmas From Yello

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