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Best Countries to Travel with Friends during Winters

December 3, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Winters is a time when people usually snuggle with their families and spend time together to keep themselves warm and comfortable against the harsh and cold weather outside.

It is also considered a time of peace and quiet, however if you are young, vibrant and have lots of friends just like you then this couldn’t be far from the truth. Winters make people bound to their places and that is now what young and fresh blood want. That is why below is a list of countries that you and your friends would love to visit in the winters:




What better place is there to visit than Switzerland in the bliss of the winters? The small country located in the exact heart of Europe hosts millions of tourists every years that flock in the country to enjoy the weather and the opportunity to Ski on the Alps.

There are several cities that you can visit such as Geneva or Basel and take full advantage of the snow to enjoy with your friends and ski in those snowcapped mountains till your legs tire out. Not only that but you can also enjoy with your friends in the beautiful towns and cities of Switzerland. For those of the friends who could not make it to the trip, use cheap international calling means to show them the fun they are missing.




France, especially Paris in particular is at its most Parisian state during the winters without a doubt. The frozen lakes and rivers along with the beauty of the Eiffel Tower covered with icicles all over it make Paris one of the most desirable places to visit with your friends in the winters.

The nightlife of Paris is just made three times more irresistible because of the weather which is why Paris is definitely one of the best countries you would want to visit whenever you are with friends.




There are many people who would not want to visit any place with ice, especially if they themselves are residents of a primarily cold country in a colder climate. For them Brazil is a top option for spending the entire winter season.

As Brazil and its neighboring countries are located in the Southern Hemisphere, the winter season is actually the summer season over there, thus making that part of the planet to be bright as ever. The beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the parties as well as night life of that city will serve as the perfect host for a group of friends looking to spend a time off.

South Africa:



During the cold winter spells, there are several people who would love to see the African Savanah with their own eyes and enjoy seeing the animals in their natural habitats. There is hardly a better place for that except for South Africa. Just like Brazil, it is the summer season over there and you can enjoy a trip to that place very conveniently.

Whenever you visit these places, you can also stay in touch with your family and your loved ones with cheap international calling and make them aware of your whereabouts at all times, thus making your trip more safe and peaceful.


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