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Don’t wait for WhatsApp; 3 apps already offering free international calls

December 15, 2014 by Soha Naveed

WhatsApp is an application that requires absolutely no introduction. An application that has been bought by Facebook for a staggering $19 Billion, which is more than the complete assets of many countries across the globe, combined!

This application has revolutionized online messaging unlike any other application or even Operating system. Many OS and applications have tried to copy its interface but they simply could not match the success of this application. Now, WhatsApp is announcing that it is starting a free international calling service!

This will also revolutionize phone calls and what not, however there are still several applications and platforms that already consist of this feature and are very much a favorite for people in terms of their usage.

Some of those applications are as follows:



Viber Logo


Along with WhatsApp, Viber was also an application that came out. Just like WhatsApp it is completely free of cost and is available on almost every application market, however this application specializes on online calls to almost any phone number there is, which is registered on Viber.

Irrespective of where you are, you are only a phone call away from your loved ones on Viber. The application misses some key features such as conference call and call waiting, but its connectivity is still very impressive.



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Skype was perhaps the first application that brought VoIP as well as video calling to each and every home on the planet. This application that is available primarily on laptops and now finally over application market on cell phones has some amazing features that make it the best video conferencing app there is.

There are some features which must be bought in order to be completely enjoyed, but even if you do not enjoy video conferencing, the VoIP audio calling is simply outstanding as well due to the efficient IP addresses of Skype. Therefore, this is a must have application for all users.





Yello is an impressive primary VoIP application that has amused users with its features as well. It has all the standard features that your SIM card has, such as call waiting, call forwarding and all other standard features that one desires to have in an international calls VoIP application.

The best part is that Yello is a free application and has very basic tariff plans that are extremely affordable considering the kind of services that they give along with their application. That is why one day you will realize that having an application like Yello is must and therefore it is highly recommendable.

Till Facebook releases an impressive update related to the integration of international calls in WhatsApp, these applications are more than capable of serving your need for international calls for free and moreover giving you the voice clarity you so badly need in international calling with the help of this revolutionizing VoIP technology.

Make sure that you have these applications and enjoy the world of VoIP till WhatsApp comes into it.


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