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Enjoy Sightseeing- Places to see in Singapore

December 12, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Whenever it comes to the Southeast Asian region, Singapore always stands out. For centuries, it has been the major port region of this part of Asia because of its strategic location and amazing economic importance.

The British spent a lot of capital to establish this city as a port and has always been independent of any nation that has shared a border with Singapore. Throughout its vibrant history, Singapore has faced many challenges but now is considered one of the happiest and prosperous cities in the world, even after being a city state country. Below are some of the major places that one must visit whenever in Singapore.

Orchard Road


Orchard Road


The first place that you must visit is Orchard Road. It is a three mile stretch with almost 22 full size shopping malls, and comes directly after London and Paris in terms of its rankings as one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the world. People, especially women flock in the shape of millions of people to visit this place and gather the goods that they absolutely adore.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens


The Singapore Botanic Gardens


Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the major places in the city where you will be simply left astounded with the huge variety of rare and exquisite plants that you can find there. It is lush green and you can find several complimentary exercising sessions over there as well especially at 8 in the morning, which is extremely useful for your health.

Asian Classic Museum

Asian Classic Museum is set in one of the classical Empress place Buildings in Singapore and is home to some of the most ancient pieces of history that can be found in South East Asia. There are more than 1000 artifacts which include porcelain figures, bronze sculptures, woodwork, prints and several other artifacts that have been in the eye of historians for centuries.

Universal Studios


Universal Studios

Universal Studios is one of those places in Singapore where you can simply relive the live experience of several hit and amazing films of the past. It is an action packed theme park where several sets are placed related to previous films released by the Universal studios. Roller coasters and other rides can be easily found here which are just as thrilling.

Gardens by the Bay


Gardens By The Bay


Gardens by the bay are an amazing horticulture project that is located over a land area of 101 hectare. This almost officially recognized Singapore as a city between gardens.

There is some beautiful tree like 165 feet tall structures as well which look absolutely remarkable. There are other features as well such as pay to enter temperature controlled conservatories and the flower dome, which is the world’s largest self-sustaining green house and is an amazing, green and lush attraction.

All these features along with cheap international call rates make your trip to Singapore very easy and convenient. It makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your family and friends and share with them the experiences that you have gained while in your exquisite trip in Singapore.


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