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Travel to Paris with Your Special One

December 19, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Known as the city of love, Paris comes with the most famous monuments than any other place in the world. One has to agree with Audrey Hepburn when she said “Paris is always a good idea.”

Apart from its famous locations, Paris offers much more to feast on when you are traveling with a loved one. From the romantic bridges lighted with lamps to the green tree boulevards and on chair-lined famous café places, all of the places in Paris come with lovely experiences when you are there with a loved one.

With all the things said about the feted spring, Paris is a true beautiful perennial location. In winters and fall, the cafés of the city hum with tourists and natives. Running on equal levels of panache and pride, you will find bookstalls in Seine and sidewalk cafes, along with the grand monuments of the city on the go. With your loved one besides you, soaring Eiffel Tower, cathedral of Notre-Dame and the Mammoth Louvre Museum are worth seeing as the hype of Paris is much more than we thought it would be.

Without any doubts, Paris is the global capital of love. Simple wandering in the city by hand in hand in your loved one is enough to have a romantic mood. However, if you are looking for a magical experience, you need have different tours to different locations in the city. The City of Light has a lot to offer to the loved ones.

If you happen to plan a romantic trip with your loved one, here is your complete guide with the time stamp of the places to visit in Paris:


Morning, 09:00 am

Start a beautiful day in Paris on the south side of Seine and observe the exciting 260 degree panorama of Paris from Place de la Concorde. You will notice how remarkably Paris spreads around you – giving you views of Eiffel Tower, the Camps-Elysees and the Seine. The Camps-Elysees is 3300 years old, made up of pink granite obelisk which was a gift from Egypt in the 1831.

Morning, 11:00 am

After you are done with the sightseeing, stroll with your love one through the sprawling and breezy grounds of the Hotel des Ivalides. The hotel was the veterans’ residence of the 17th century war. It now includes Napoleon’s tomb and a military museum as well. There are various other parks in Paris as well. You can always use a different greenery place to create memories with your special one.

Afternoon, 12:00 pm

Once done with walking, it is time to make your way to the Musee de I’Orangerie. This place reserves the Waterlilies of Monet and different paintings created by Utrillo, Soutine, Sisley, Renoir, Picasso, Matisse and Cezanne.

Do not linger for long before you cross the river Musee d’Orsay to witness more from the impressionist creators and Monet of course. After you are done with that, walk to the Rodin Museum, the sculpture filled rose garden. It is one of the most sensational and relaxing spots present in the city. You will see different sculptures and trees.

You will also notice the famous statue The Thinker in the garden.

Afternoon, 14:00 pm

Now that you have seen most of the places of Seine, it is time to go to the west, the area of Eiffel Tower. Since it is known around the world and marks as the wonder of the world, you surely do not want to miss visiting the symbol of love with the love of your life.

Evening, 16:00 pm

After you have admired the viewpoint of Paris, catch a ride in the hop-on and hop-off water bus, the Batobus. The Batobus would give you a fascinating ride to the Jardin des Plantes. The Jardin des Plantes was made by Louis XIII in 1626 as an herb garden. It may be a botanical garden; it is still a pleasure destination for many.

The different sections in the herb garden include menagerie, school of botany, an alpine garden, tropical greenhouse and winter garden.

Night, 17:00 pm

Now it is the time to roam around the Latin Quarter – it is the center of the academic life present in Paris. However, you should go to the place if you and your partner love academic.

The quarter center on the main campus of Sorbonne is full of lime trees and fountains. In the nearby areas, you will see professors and students lingering at the late-night bookshops. You will also find secondhand record shops around and the ‘boul Mich’ as well. You can also stop by the Musee National du Moyen Age, also known as Cluny.

To enjoy the real pulse of the area, head to the most lively commercial street, the Medieval Rue Mouffetard – a vibrant place offering student bars, home-ware, inexpensive clothing, market stalls, cheap eateries and different shops.

Night, 19:00 pm

Now go to the the St-Germain des Pres. This is your chance to enjoy what a historical café offers. It is an ideal place for fashion lovers, antique collectors and literary lovers.

Legendary writers such as Joyce, Stein, Pound, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Camus, Beauvoir and Sartre hung out in the cafes present in the St-Germain des Pres. They used to debate, scribble and drink, enjoying most of their time. The place offers different cafes, clothing boutiques and home-ware shops as well. You can shop for your loved ones from here as well.

Night, 21:00 pm

Coming to the end of a tiring day, here is your chance to grab some food and drinks to end your day under the lamp-lit bridges. With your loved one, you can stroll over the bridge as the lamps cast a glow on the water, sipping the sepia touch on the water ends. Dine at a duex and enjoy the candlelit bistros that will make you feel as you if you are on a movie set.

The nonchalant and well-dressed waiters are like the supporting actors and the buskers provide beautiful romantic music. Enjoy the perfect curtain fall of a perfect day in Paris.

Enjoy the most of your trip when you are with your loved one in the city of love, Paris. Do not worry about home as you can always connect to them through cheap international call rates that apps offer on your smartphone.


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