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VoIP-the best communication model for Small and Medium Enterprises

February 3, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

Fed-up of your office PSTN bills? Are these telephone bills increasing costs for your home-office set-up? In the SME world, every successful entrepreneur needs to find cost-effective solutions to work out the small budget that is available to make sure the business flourishes.

Timely, effective and precise communication techniques are a way to make sure that the business does well. Well thanks to advancements in technology, VoIP services are available on almost all smartphone and you don't have to struggle with traditional telephone services in this era of internet communication. VoIP is basically a service which is provided by VoIP providers and is enabled on a smartphone through the VoIP application. Inexpensive calls with quality controls intact are the features of VoIP that makes it the best transmission model for SME’s.

Voice over IP is a methodology and a group of fancy technologies which help in transmitting voice communications and multimedia sessions over the internet. This communication model was developed in the 70’s but as soon as the 2000’s took off, VoIP was being developed by companies to give a commercial introduction to the technology.

Internet is an integral part of our routine these days and whether we are enjoying a cup of coffee at home or going to a coffee shop to get the town’s best mocha latté, we have access to it with our smartphone. Then why not take advantage of this accessibility and use a VoIP service? Contacting a loved one could never have been this flexible because the application allows you to make inexpenise voice calls and turn on the front camera to convert it into a video call and if you are not in the mood to speak, send a text message right away!

A 95% less costly calling rate. Isn't that all an SME budget requires? For small business owners like you, every percent counts. Reduction in these figures means less anxiety while dealing with business situations. Long story short, 95% more chances of succeeding. Thank about it!

Regular mobile operators experience exchange down times and this might really hurt your business relations! Hindrance in communication makes it difficult to understand the environment that surrounds an SME. Businesses usually rely on calling cards or mobile networks. These calling cards are of low quality as opposed to any other communication model and cause a lot of problems in the effective communication process.

Weren't such calling cards old technology? This should definitely be eliminated from a modern business’s use. Mobile operators usually charge varied amounts for different timings and this uncertainty in business costs can be very harmful for your SME. VoIP can help in communicating in the most efficient manner that currently exists in the market. This technology was built for flexibility and can be used by anyone in their daily routine.

You own a small scale setup and you need to communicate to your partner an urgent business matter, let’s say about finalizing a supplier contract. But he is taking some days off and you need to incur extra business costs to contact him daily.

Here comes your problem. It might not be a big deal for huge businesses anymore because they have overcome the situation through other cost reductions and using such technology is best practice for them, something that a small business needs to follow.

Is there no other way to reduce the excess communication costs for a small scale business? You might be mistaken. The world has come to smart choices such as VoIP services which can provide the lowest communication costs and you can invest a small amount to make countless inexpensive but quality assured calls.

The business motive of an organization providing VoIP services is to make products for individuals to create ease in their daily lives. Whether it is communication with their loved ones or a business matter that needs thorough discussion. This technology helps with providing communication solutions for every problem you own!

There might be no stop to this debate between PSTN and VoIP services but one thing can be said for sure. Have a good broadband connection? Well every single person owns that these days. Forget about those tacky carriers when you are connected to a Wi-Fi because VoIP might solve every communication hurdle that you face in the 21st Century!

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