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How to make your life 10% extra easy with Yello?

February 4, 2014 by Soha Naveed

As texting and calling has prevailed in our life, VoIP has reached a new level. Yello, being one of the best and leading VoIP providers offers its users multiple incentives in this economically fluctuated environment. As people cannot get enough of their smartphones, Yello brings texting and calls with multiple incentives. Out of all the iPhone and Android applications which offer cheap texting and calling services, Yello brightens in the competition through the features packed. The biggest benefit offered by Yello is extra credit for users. Interesting, isn’t it? With Valentine’s Day packed around the corner, people save much of their green to spend quality time with their loved one on a good date. If you are also one of those who are hooked by the offer, follow me down to catch more about the extra credit offered by Yello.

In this economically expensive world, each one of us wishes to save as much as we can. Integrated with VoIP and offering free credit, Yello comes with the same motive. Yello gives its users free credit. How?

By just taking few steps – once you’ve registered, it is time you shift to the official website of Yello. Enter your Yello account details and your app will be topped up with 20 cents. You can further use this credit to send cheap international texts and to make cheap international calls in order to find out about the reception and service offered by Yello.

Furthermore, Yello allows you to make a recharge of as low as $5. The offer doesn’t end here, folks. Each time you top-up your Yello account through the website, you will get 10% extra credit. For the month of February, you don’t need to charge a lot as you will still have extra 10% which you can use for making texts and calls.

If you don’t have sufficient money but still need to make a call, Yello will hear you out. You can use the money for feeding your stomach with one of your favorite pizzas.

Yello continues to strive for the best for their users and therefore, they make texting quick, cheap and easy. With free credit incentive, Yello is the one which will answer all your queries.

Open below link in your smartphone to directly download app from respective store.


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