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International Texting: Cheapest offer to connect with your loved ones

February 5, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

Don’t know how to send cheap texts abroad? Have friends and family in another country? Well you obviously don’t leave any of them a message and you know the reason; your mobile operator charges more than a local call for a text message sent abroad! Let me tell you something; that is insane! There is a solution for cheap international texting. Sending texts with the lowest rates to your peers abroad is now an option!

The major problem?

Well the issue here is that these over charged text messages has led us no choice but to stop texting to peers overseas. Social networking is a way to communicate with them. That is absolutely right. But in this busy life with work all year round we don’t use social networking for chatting anymore. It’s used for updates and for the world to know what we are doing. This leaves a gap in the communication process as we don’t have a solution to contact via inexpensive text messages.

This issue is something which is always ignored by us and when after years we meet someone we know from another country, we realize how time flies and how no one was in contact with each other for so long! Where is the social networking website then? Well, same thing again: Time shortage.

So why not develop a software which can help you with international text rates as low as the local ones! Why not have flat rates for wherever you want to send a text?

Preserving your values and culture

In our South Asian culture, family gatherings on weddings is a must! Well relatives from around the globe travel all the way to Pakistan to attend a family function. Our cultural weddings require a lot of planning and co-ordination and work on the event planning starts months before the actual event. Close relatives abroad need to co-ordinate with people in the home country. Calling is not always an option as daily workload makes it difficult to be on the phone with family all the time. It might be the co-ordination of the dress code or other festivities, sending a text to their number has never been easy. You don’t need an internet connection to contact them. Just their number and an app which lets you send texts at the lowest rates possible!

Just a text away!

Text messaging is known to be the best socializing channel since mobile phones were invented. Sending loads of texts and chatting with them 24/7 is something that strengthens the bond between two individuals. This is true but what about your loved ones in other countries? The expensive sms package deals for international messages make it really heartbreaking to send more than three texts in a row. This is something that is not to be worried about when you have software to give you rates on which you can send countless text messages and share whatever you want with your relatives and friends.

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