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Is VoIP Taking Over the Traditional Means of Connectivity?

February 10, 2014 by Soha Naveed

The one famous and much used buzzword which has taken over the internet world by storm is VoIP. The switching from the traditional cooper wire telephonic services to VoIP concludes to be the one way that allows us escape from the hundreds and thousands of dollars we paid on our residential and business phone bills. A trend-setter in itself, the VoIP providers are now found competing neck-to-neck to offer the best VoIP services and plans to customers present worldwide.

According to the technology used, the basic role of VoIP is to convert the voice signals into direct digital packets through the internet. In a layman’s language, if a person makes a normal telephone call, the signals are converted into a regular phone signal call. However, in case of a VoIP call, a person makes a call through their smartphone app and the signals are transmitted through the internet.
Through the using of VoIP calling service, it is possible for the people to gain success in various tasks that are near to impossible with the conventional telephonic service. Following are a few of those tasks:

Through VoIP, the callers get to automatically get routed to the VoIP smartphones. Regardless of the place and time, this happens only with the connection to the internet. This means that the VoIP user can receive a call from any place present in the world.

Through the VoIP calling service, users can talks for hours by making cheap calls and get less charged. Each VoIP provider today makes sure that they have cheap calling rates for their customers. This leads to a good saving of money.

Being independent, VoIP allows users to utilize the service from any corner of the world, only through high speed connection to the internet. 

VoIP has the potential to associate to various other important services present in today’s technology savvy world. This includes managing the address book, audio and video conferencing, messaging and sharing of documents and images.

The best is that the VoIP apps allow app calls and normal calls to greet your smartphone. This is an important part of call forwarding. So if you receive a call on the VoIP app, your phone will ring out loud. Same will happen when you get a normal SIM call on your smartphone. You can set different ringtones to make sure you differentiate between the two forms of calling.

There are various other interesting features present on the VoIP calling services through VoIP apps. When it comes on making long distance or international calls, there is certainly no comparison of a traditional call with VoIP calls. The VoIP calls are not only cheap, but are also hassle free. People today are equipped with latest modes of technology. VoIP stands prominent in this as well. Just through a VoIP app and high speed internet connectivity, making international and local calls for a fractions less than the historical astronomical prices is done easily. Get your VoIP app today!

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