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Cheap International Calls: Without Worrying About the Calling Rates

February 11, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Before the invention of telephone in our lives, the only modes of communication were letters and postcards. The two methods of communication used to consume a lot of time. At that particular time, telegram was also an option, but people didn’t rely on it as it wasn’t reliable.

Later, the great ‘mother of inventions’, telephone was invented by the Alexander Graham. The telephone fulfilled a lot of needs of people at that time. However with the passage of time and change in technology, the need of people kept changing and they needed more acute needs of communication. Thus, after half a century later, a few ground-breaking methods and modes of communications emerged. These were the great mobile phones and internet.

Mobile phones instantly became an efficient rage. The internet on the other hand, took a while to adjust its groove. The most common way of communication over the internet was e-mails; a method largely dependent on the internet. With the passage of time, people started fitting themselves in the framework of the internet which led to more using of it.

The invention of mobile phone and internet led to another milestone of the technology – Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP – a unique method used for making cheap international calls overseas. This ground-breaking technology used for communication has gain a lot of success ever since it came in the spotlight. This is primarily due to its cheaper mean of communication trait.

Yes, you can now make cheap international calls as a lot of smartphone apps have launched their VoIP services for people around the world. A user can easily call worldwide without the need of worrying about the costly calling charges and long phone call bills.

As a smartphone owner, opting calling internationally through VoIP offers the user to make cheap international calls to friends and family living abroad. If you have close friends and family members who recently shifted away from you due to their job, holidays or studies, ringing their phone through VoIP is what you need.

Obviously, it is predictable if one may think that calling from mobile phone may lead to expensive charges and long bills. But, it is internet what we are talking about! The best thing here is that VoIP works with internet connection. Connect your phone to the internet, call your friends using VoIP, plug in your headphones and enjoy the long discussions without worrying about bills.

Apps today offer free installing and downloading of various VoIP apps. All you have to do is download the free app from your operating system’s app store, register yourself as a user and make cheap calls to any corner of the world.

VoIP has efficiently changed the way of how people communicate today. They offer cheap international calls by understanding the needs and wants of people. This is highly beneficial for students and employees living abroad as they wish to talk to their parents and loved ones quickly and cheaply. Enjoy the services of VoIP like no other mode of communication.

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