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How to acquire free calling services in this world of hypocrites?

February 12, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

Hypocrisy annoys me. People need to look into a mirror. Let’s take advantage of growing technological trends and help them hold a mirror in front of their face? Are you paying huge amounts to your mobile operators? Still own a landline? Don’t you feel overcharged by all these companies? Well if you don’t, you seriously aren’t updated with the technology these days. A lot of people still use these charged phone services to communicate and that’s what I feel is wrong with the world.

Numerous carriers are present in the market, specially the south Asian Pakistani telecommunications market. Well it can create a lot of hustle when you don’t know your package plan well. These complicated packages can create uncertainty. Free calls can be a solution to this problem! Why not use a VoIP service which provides free calls to other VoIP users?

Collusion in the market has led to only advert based competition. Every telecom giant advertises their services in a different manner and each one has a different way to measure call timings and the rates charged on them. It seems that one provider is cheaper than the other and when you switch to a network, new advertising campaigns make it seem that another one is even cheaper! What actually happens in collusion?

A cartel or ring of companies is formed and they decide to charge the same rates as the other and it is contracted to compete only on non-financial terms. That is promotion. They advertise in such a manner which shows that they are better than their rivals and buying a SIM card from their company would be a blessing for the viewer. This might be fooling you.

Now what happens is that each company tries to target every segment in a different manner with different gimmicks introduced in their campaigns. This makes it services more complex and different to understand. It is however known as a success factor because it makes it difficult to understand for the consumers and many hidden charges attack the pockets of customers.

Calling rates to other network providers almost double and this makes communication from one operator to another very difficult. Networks usually don’t cover every area and signals might drop at certain locations. This makes phone calls annoying and embarrassing. Downtimes in networks usually affect every operator and this can be disastrous at times.

Landline providers are other PSTN providers used in countries such as Pakistan and India. They usually come as monopolies and overcharge the hell out of consumers by providing a ‘take or leave’ option. The package plan service is non-existent in this sector. PSTN providers usually charge high rates when calling other landline phones. These services usually face line disturbances and damage to phone lines in remote areas. This leads to tremendous amounts of downtime and makes it very difficult for consumers to communicate in any other way.

These issues occur even where there are big multinationals because they exploit the consumers on a much bigger scale. To overcome such problems, VoIP services on smartphone and computers provide good coverage as internet is available almost everywhere. The best part is that when contacting another VoIP receiver, the call is not charged and there are no hidden charges that affect the user.

It’s just an over the internet call which can be progressed for hours. These services help in making the world a better place to live in as overpriced calls are no longer an issue. Whenever in Wi-FI zones, you can use the application to call anywhere you want with similar software. And free call is a luxury you cannot miss!

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