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3 inexpensive ways to make your Valentine’s expensive for years

February 13, 2014 by Soha Naveed

From centuries, people celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day that represents the element of love. From married couples to friends; Valentine’s Day makes people enjoy the day filled with the feeling of care and love. As much as we love celebrating this day, it sure gets expensive on the pocket [hardcore reality]. Millions of lovers spend tons of their money on dinner, cards and gifts. In simpler words, Valentine’s Day is an expensive day. For some, the day of love may get a bit difficult as they may not be able to afford it.

This however, should not be a barrier between you and the love of your life. If you do not have any plans made due to your low budget, don’t worry as I have perfect plans and ideas you could use to celebrate the day. Here’s how you can make this year’s Valentine’s Day not only remarkable till the next year but also remain it inexpensive:

1. Delight with a self-cooked Meal

Delight With A Self Cooked Meal

To all the men out there, if you are low on budget but need to win the love of your lady, then cooking a meal for her will definitely do the trick. Regardless of how fun it is to din in a restaurant, it is not cheap and peaceful for two love birds to talk their hearts out. Preparing a surprise candle light dinner on the Valentine’s Day eve at home would not only cause romance in the air, but will also remain affordable on the pocket. What better way to impress your other half, than cooking a delicious meal for them!

2. Rephrase your love

Rephrase Your Love

The common mistake made by couples today is that they do not plan a perfect Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day which needs to be perfect as most of the married couples don’t usually get time to spend together due to their busy routines. Using this day as a break from every other activity and spending it together with each other would surely make the couple sparkle with love.

For this however, proper planning is needed. The less the time one takes to make a plan, the more expensive they turn out to be. If you on-spot make a plan of going to the cinema for a movie, it will at least cost you $50 per head, including the meals. Won’t it be better if you get a projector and play the movie in your home? The idea is to do something out of the ordinary and stay in the budget and playing a movie at home definitely is the right thing. Here are a few movies which you can watch with the love of your life:

Heart P.S I Love You
Heart Notebook
Heart Crazy, Stupid, Love
Heart Valentine’s Day
Heart A Walk To Remember

3. Surprise with an inexpensive call

Surprise With An Inexpensive Call

Every idea is unique in its way, but what if the people in love are not together on the Valentine’s Day? Maybe your love of the life is living overseas due to her studies. Such events can bring a lot of challenges for the couple, especially during such emotional events.

The only solution to stay close to them is by using a VoIP app for cheap international calls. Making a normal cellular call to your loved one will be extremely expensive nowadays. To cut down the expense as well as barriers of distance, use a VoIP app for making a cheap international call and talk to them for hours – without worrying about the bills.

Using these ideas will not only bring your loved one close to you, but will also save a lot of your green. Celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day with your love and enjoy love in the air.

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