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Free yourself from the Miles that Separate you n loved one on valentines

February 14, 2014 by Soha Naveed

Finally, the month of love, being February is here! Much to our surprise, Valentine’s Day is packed around the corner as well. For singles, there goal is to remain hiding until 14th February reaches its end. For the couples on the other hand, it is that one day they may leave aside all their work and duties and spend a loving day with each other. Couples in love are usually found pleasing their partner in hopes of a perfect romantic evening.

Of course, the reward needs to be something positive as I am sure each one of the love birds spends weeks of decision-making for this particular day. May it be movies or a candle-light dinner; Valentine’s Day is the day people love to spend time alone with partner. But what about those who are in a long-distance relationship?

If miles is the devil that has separated you from your partner, the only mode to stay connected on this special day is through communication. If she has her hopes high and doesn’t just expect a phone call and he has hands in his pocket and mind set on the budget, a free international call through a VoIP app from your Smartphone could go a long path in making your Valentine’s Day a hit.

The traveling professionals in the world are known to the stress that is present in such holidays as they can’t be with their loved ones on the preferred time. As their's no dominance of the Valentine’s Day on the corporate calendar, freeing the employees from the duties or taking a day off isn’t part of the deal. Instead of making your partner feel that she is of no importance in your life, getting a VoIP app and talking to her on a free call while on wheels is the thing you need. VoIP providers take away all the wondering – it allows two lovebirds to connect, regardless of the distance.

Fortunately, there are various VOIP apps that make the long-distance calling experience better than you may have imagined. They offer services and solutions which allow the user to take communication in control, regardless of the location. If she wants to see you on this special day, make a surprise with a free video call to her through your VoIP app. You can use the VoIP app through the internet connectivity anytime and anywhere.

In case you are wondering that the time zone differences may interrupt the prime communications, the one who stays back home will not miss a call as you can call her anytime. You do not need anything else; just the connection to the internet which can be through Wi-Fi or edge. Even if you are out of her sight due to job or studies, you can use a smart VoIP app to send free texts and make free calls to her. The VoIP app ensures to be your buddy in the hour of need.

Every good and strong relationship is primarily based on the layers of good communication. If miles play the role of separating the lovers on the 14th February, free calls, free sms, free video calls can ensure that they are here to make the two of you stay connected.

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