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Could Mobile VoIP Replace My Home Phone?

February 19, 2014 by Soha Naveed

As the technology improves, we see that VoIP is in immense growing popularity. The smartphone usage increases and so is the growth of VoIP apps in the phones. However, some people still use it as a secondary service. With confusion in usage, is it possible that VoIP could replace your home phones?

What Exactly is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP has proven to be a tech savvy and fancy way of saying hello to people on the phone through the internet. Through the internet connection, you can and receive phone calls and send texts locally and internationally. Technically, VoIP is a generic term that includes various technologies, allowing you to make calls and texts. With VoIP in your smartphone, you do not require a landline at your home or protocols to make phone call.

How Does VoIP Work on My Smartphone?

Mobile app VoIP works with the smartphone’s internet connection. The connection can be in shape of Wi-Fi, GSM, 4G, 3G or edge. The connection to the internet allows the person to send and receive voice calls and text messages through digital signals over the internet by using the over IP technology. The mobile VoIP allows holds an edge of Wi-Fi hotspots in eliminating the calling costs of a cellular data or voice plan.

Reduction in Charges! How?

Opposite to home phones, mobile VoIP phone users can benefit from the lower rates of texting, calling and many other activities that come in the package of the VoIP app. The digital data transmission using the VoIP is faster, causing the data to spread to multiple people at the same time.

Using the smartphone VoIP with a Wi-Fi hotspot causes reduction in a user’s costs as it sidesteps the carrier’s heavily charged 3G services. For example, with the carrier’s data plan on monthly basis, callers can exceed their bandwidth limit, causing an increase in overage charges. Using the Wi-Fi for connection with VoIP reduces the risks and expands the life of a monthly data package.

A VoIP on your smartphone can also remove the need for a basic calling plan, along with the additional texting add-ons. With the VoIP phone app, smartphone users can enjoy flexible calling and texting hours, as compared to a calling voice plan. This means that the VoIP users can make unlimited cheap calls or even free calls through the technology. There is no need to worry about the cell phone calling plans through VoIP as they offer:

  1. Anytime calling 
  2. No calling package needed
  3. No roaming charges
  4. No texting limit
  5. Cheap calling rates from VoIP app to a normal calling number

Additional Features…wow!

VoIP smartphone users can take full advantage of using the additional services which are found integrated in the mobile VoIP app. They usually include high bandwidth activities such as video chat, group chat and group texting. Also, you get the have all of your mobile contacts in the list of those people who are using the app, allowing you to contact them without any need to search.

VoIP for smartphones as easily removed the need of using a home phone. They are not cheaper in use, but also offer accessibility. Get a VoIP app for your smartphone today!

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