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5 simple steps to make free calls

February 21, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

Free calls. The concept seems surreal. Do they really exist? Is it something from outer space? In this world of expensive communication technology, the idea of making free quality calls is a brilliant one! But how does this work? Is there something special required to fulfill your daily telephony needs? Is it something that only Queen Elizabeth has at Buckingham Palace or the great Windsor Castle?

In this fast developing world such services are easily available to anyone who wants to make free calls. free calls

Let’s quickly go to those five steps that are required to be undertaken

1. Smartphone.

I am sure this word is not new for any of you. In fact, research states that every 6 out of 10 people own a Smartphone these days! Well you might be out of those other 4. Do not worry. A Smartphone; a device with advanced computing technology, is an easy deal to buy these days. Numerous deals exist throughout the world that can be used to get a cheap Smartphone with tremendous features. Thanks to the Tech Giants I would say. The Smartphone helps in providing the base server for the application to run. Get one and you are almost good to go!

2. The internet.

Who would not have an internet connection in 2014? Lets re phrase this. Which place would not have an internet connection in 2014? It’s widespread and it has taken over the world! How the internet helps? Well, it makes Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) possible! It’s a way of transferring voice and other multimedia over the internet to the other party. Advancements have led to quality calls through this medium and its use has taken over traditional ways of communication.

3. Download application

Whether its Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, every app store has limitless amounts of VoIP services. The best part, they are completely free. Downloading a mere 20 MB file should not be a discouraging step towards getting completely free calls!

4. Make sure the other end has the same tech.

Well if 6 out of 10 people own a Smartphone and every place on this planet has internet, there is a high probability that the other end which you want to communicate with also owns the same technology and has access to VoIP communication. It sounds a bit demanding but trust me the world has come to a point where acquiring such devices is the easiest thing to accomplish.

5. Call right away!

Excitement should be running in your bones right now. Yes it’s the final step. Eager to avail that free call? Just use the application to call the other device with the same application downloaded and here you have a good quality free call. That’s right. No one would charge you for this amazing call.

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