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How VoIP saves your 90% pennies through cheap calls?

February 24, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

Maintaining a budget was never an easy job. When it is about communication expenses, it becomes a heavy burden on budgets these days. The increase in ways of communication and the economic slowdown has led to people finding ways in cutting down the cost of communication. Calling through a fixed or mobile phone network is expensive when your fringe benefits do not cover personal communication costs. Well, pretty expensive I’d say. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help in reducing such costs by making inexpensive calls in merely pennies. Like a call to Afghanistan costs 22¢, call to Bahrain costs 3.57¢, call to Bangladesh costs 3¢, call to Canada costs 1.5¢, call to India costs 1¢, call to Indonesia costs 1.89¢, call to Malaysia costs 0.68¢, call to Morocco costs 15¢, call to Oman costs 9.24¢, call to Pakistan costs 9¢, call to Qatar costs 13.18¢, call to Saudi Arabia costs 7.46¢, call to United Arab Emirates costs 16.78¢ and call to United States of America costs 1.5¢. Now go and compare with your local mobile operator.

The concept of communicating through the internet has brought good quality and cheap calling rates and services for its customers. Such services are not limited to personal computers anymore.

Awareness of these VoIP services is not widespread but a lot of smart budget cutters use this technology to make sure that their communication budget forms a smaller part of their overall budget. You might be out of those 75% people who work on a tight budget and worry about deficits arising. Apart from all other reasons, a major burden on your budget is the overpriced communication services that you use. Expensive calls and ridiculous charges on text messages is something that causes this problem. 

Switching the landline (PSTN) network with the mobile phone helped with mobility but not with costs. Mobile phone operators still charge humungous amounts for their services. However, the age of Smartphone has led developers creating easily accessible applications for VoIP purposes.

How does VoIP help?

Cheap and quality assured calls through one VoIP supported device to another is something that every phone user was looking for. The application helps to call to the other party over the internet on the same base software and this makes the call completely free! Running out of a package plan or worrying about bonus minutes is something that the old age is supposed to do. For you guys out there, VoIP saves the day!

If the other device does not support the same software, not to worry. Making a cheap call is still an available option. VoIP services offer consumers to call to a mobile phone with a regular connection over the internet. Sounds confusing? Well you certainly want to save pennies don’t you? Keep reading on and you might be one of the smartest budget cutters out there! 

Technology has offered a way of easy, cheap and good quality communication through the internet. In simple words, through internet you can call any phone, anywhere in the world! It however uses some pre-loaded credit. Charges might discourage you but these charges are far less than the regular ones charged by your fixed and mobile operators! Almost 90% less!

Even sending text messages is something that is almost free on a VoIP service. The number of text messages that an average person sends each day is around 50 and doing this on a regular mobile operator is something that only few can handle within their budget. In order to make sure that no budgetary gap occurs, these techniques can be effectively used by anyone for cutting their personal communication costs.

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