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Why businesses should find opportunities like inexpensive call rates?

February 25, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

Are you an entrepreneur with business pressures? Is your small scale set-up becoming too much to handle? Are operating costs giving you a headache? Well for most of you out there, the answer to these questions would be a plain YES!

The micro business sector accounts for almost 85% of business’s worldwide and it provides for 60% of the jobs that exist in the world today! Those are good figures! Most business owners prefer small scale set-up which might be due to their personal preference or investment limitations. Whatever the case is such business operations provide for most of the economic supply.

However, the failure rate for such businesses is surprisingly very high. Don’t be frightened with these facts but try to find new and cheap solutions to handle the situations alike. Like if you can find a solution to make all your business calls on inexpensive call rates believe me you are on the right track of finding opportunities. Timing does matter not only in big business setups but particularly in small setups

Only 30% micro businesses survive their 3 years operation

Only 30% of micro businesses survive their first three years of operations. The same report done in most parts of the world states that almost 80,000 businesses are forced to leave the market. Do you know the reason for such high failure rates? If you are an entrepreneur you must know that not being able to cover costs of business operations leads to disaster. Most of these costs come from the communication and networking that a business requires and a report suggest that 45% of business success comes from good communication!

This shows the importance of communication requirements in your small-scale set-up. What is mostly used for voice communications in your office area? Most of the answers would be ‘A landline and a mobile network operator.’ Well that is something I expect from the reader. The reason that these overpriced communication models are used pushes the cost up and creates problems for the business. Communicating with suppliers and customers require a lot of call time and this makes it really costly for a business to operate.

How to cross these obstacles to get to a point?

For example your supplier is in another country and important correspondences have to be made via a telephone. This would require frequent emails and calls because a business needs to make sure that it has sufficient lead time to make sure that its production and operations are smoothly run. When a regular fixed or mobile network is used, it would unnecessarily increase the overheads. What you really need is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.

VoIP services require a phone and internet, if service is used through Smartphone, to contact the other party. VoIP services can be used through Smartphone as well as through Local Access Numbers to use the service through Landline Number or old mobile phone. This is really a great opportunity to stay connected with your vendors or customers through any mean of call.

However the only cost that is extra to use these services is either the internet connection on your Smartphone or dialing Local Access Number to be connected over the network of VoIP provider. Again the sum of this expense is far less than what traditional call operator charge to call through their network! Now whether you have to confirm an order from a customer or contact your supplier for early delivery, VoIP is something that needs to be incorporated in your business as a must.

It gives you good quality communications to make sure that the business networking criteria is met and inexpensive call rates make it easy for the businesses to cover its costs especially in the first few years of operations to reach its break even. Being a startup or small scale business one must always concentrate to find opportunities that can lead them to a cost-benefit solution. What other cost benefit solutions you have experienced to stay stable being a small scale business or a startup?

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