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How to send free text messages to your peers?

February 26, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

Are you one of those who prefer written communication? Not much of a call person? Is text messaging the best form of communication for you? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, I have something amazing lined up for you in this article.

Text messaging is something that always makes communication quick and easy. Whether it has a whole lot of words or a single letter, it is the quickest form of written communication out there. What is the basic problem with text messaging through a regular network operator? – This is the question.

As text messaging became widely popular among consumers, there were a lot of different packages that mobile companies started offering. These include bundles which provide a whole lot of messages at discounted price. However, there is a limit to the number of SMS’s that a person can send.

When that limit is reached, the package drops and you have no discounted texts available and you have to spend the regular charge for a text message, which is significantly higher. In many countries, a single SMS has a cost that equals a one minute voice call. This seems really painful when its about cutting your costs for text massages. 

The solution for this problem is getting a service that gives you the options to send completely free text massages. Yes, that certainly exists in this technologically advanced world. What’s better than sending your friends and family a text message that won’t even put a penny’s burden on your budget? That’s the best text messaging deal that you can get! We shall look further on how this is done.

How much you spend on text messages per day?

The average person sends around 92 texts per day. This average includes a high proportion of 18-24 year olds. The alarming number of average texts must make you realize how much you spend on these text messages. This might be one of the reasons of exceeding your data package plan every single month! With such over-priced text messages how can you even forgive yourself? It’s time to cut these costs out of your budget.

I will not tell you to reduce your texting per day or rely on other methods of communication. What I have for you is to completely change the way you text! To revolutionize the art of text messaging, to send free text messages without any burden on your data package!

How is this done? Two simple steps

1. Download a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application on your Smartphone.
2. Start messaging from this cool new technology!

Seems simple enough eh? Well let’s talk about what VoIP is. Pretty simple. It’s a way of communicating over the internet. Using the internet as a server and transferring your communications over that server to the party you want to contact.

This requires a simple procedures. Download the application on your phone from your operating system’s store for $0 free and make the other party do the same! Well everyone has an internet today and almost 70% people use an internet capable phone. Come one it’s the 21st century!

So basically once you are done with this, you can send messages to the other party for absolutely no price! Yes, you have to pay nothing for it. It transfers through internet, on your smartphone whether it is WiFi or mobile internet.

Now you know what to do, stop relying on these costly SMS plans and work your way through VoIP services and get the best out of those text messages!

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