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How 8 Million Pakistanis can always make cheap calls back home?

February 28, 2014 by Haris Yar Khan

Are you an overseas Pakistani? Has employment opportunities dragged you out of your home country? If that’s true for you, you are one of the 8 million Pakistani people who live outside the country. The economic situation in Pakistan has always stayed instable. This causes less opportunities for talented Pakistani people. You leave the country and you are bombarded with numerous opportunities. This is how the average Pakistani mind works. When it comes to stay away from home while living abroad, almost every Pakistani will be looking for VoIP providers, which gives them an opportunity to make inexpensive calls to Pakistan.

There are always huge expenses that you face when you first settle in another nation like US, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and Gulf countries. It really is something that gives you a hard time considering the fact that you have to fund yourself when studying or while searching for a job. In order to sustain in a foreign land, you need to direct your focus on your goals and not stand back unless you live your dream.

Are you bearing communication gap with family and peers?

One major problem that every overseas Pakistani faces is the communication gap with his/her family and peers. In our native culture, family is an important part of life and you cannot live without staying in contact with them. There are numerous festivals and celebrations that need to be spent together at home. But when you are with no choice, you have to live those times alone in the foreign country.

How lonely is that? Well if you are one of these people, you will understand. It can be really dull at times. Spending EID with your family is one of the major things that you miss when you are a working/studying overseas Pakistani. It’s EID and you cannot get a leave? Exams are important for your future? Well, you have no choice but to spend it alone.

Weddings is another celebration that require everyone to come together. They come at unusual times and you might not be available for a cousin’s wedding! That might be the saddest thing you face when in a foreign land. But how about calling back home to ask about all those things, which you might be doing so often?

That might give you a feeling of involvement, right? Oh wait, you might have to call from your mobile phone, right? With expensive regular call rates provided by your mobile operators? Calling right away from your expensive data plan is really a pain in your “budget”. It might cost you one time meal that you need more than to talk back home.

Always call through internet/3G on your Smartphone to make cheap calls to Pakistan

That’s the main problem that I wanted to discuss and point out on behalf of all the overseas Pakistanis. Well, in today’s technologically advanced world, internet is widely available. When internet is available, VoIP is available. When VoIP is available, cheap call to Pakistan is available, too. What is VoIP? In consumer’s language, It’s a cheap way of making good quality calls over internet like Wi-Fi or 3G through your Smartphone. Simple as that. All you need is a VoIP app on your Smartphone and you are good to go.

Whichever country you are calling from, VoIP will give you the least expensive calling rates to Pakistan. These services, VoIP, provide the best quality voice calls and you no longer can miss updates on important festivities. Saying EID Mubarak to everyone will no longer be a dilemma for you. With the call rates as low as 9 Cents/min, you won’t ever feel burden on your calls to Pakistan!

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